GrownAs* Foods Launches with Flavor-Forward Vegan Mac and Cheese That Doesn’t Disappoint

Plant-Based Brand Packs 25 Grams of GrownAs* Protein in Classic & Truffle Varieties

BOULDER, Colo., Dec. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Entering the market with the tastiest boxed mac and cheese that just so happens to be vegan, GrownAs* Foods offers a more nutritious, flavorful and eco-friendly alternative to the traditional boxed mac and cheese many are accustomed to. From the makers of Seed Ranch Flavor Co., a gourmet hot sauce brand, GrownAs* is releasing its mac and cheese in two flavors, Classic and Truffle—both of which are sure to win the affections of grown as* mac and cheese lovers and their children alike!

Proudly plant-based with a stellar nutrition profile and simple ingredients like nutritional yeast, smoked paprika, potato and coconut flour, GrownAs* Foods’ has ‘cut the crap’ found in conventional mac and cheese to deliver a non-gmo, cholesterol-free, nut-free, soy-free and sugar-free version that contains 25 grams of protein per box.

GrownAs* Mac and Cheese boasts a savory flavor, a creamy texture and a “I can’t believe this is vegan” cheesiness that is sure to attract vegans, non-vegans and the plant-curious alike!

“The boxed mac and cheese category was truly in need of some love,” said David Delcourt, founder & CEO GrownAs* Foods. “I’ve been vegan for over five years and never found a mac and cheese that I enjoyed, or that my children would eat. We kept imagining mac and cheese that everyone at the table could dig into, so we created it from scratch. When it comes to taste, nutrition, sustainability and cheesiness, we beat out the mac and cheese of our childhood every time—and thanks to our mascot, Mac Man, we look good doing it.”

Packaged in a recyclable box & a 100% compostable pouch, GrownAs* Foods offers a fun, convenient, tasty and responsible way for consumers to feed their inner child, or actual child, in under 10 minutes.

GrownAs* Foods Mac and Cheese is available for purchase on Amazon, in select grocery stores, and through the company’s website. The company offers a variety of purchase options ranging from $10 to $65 (depending on the quantity) and also offers consumers 5% off if they subscribe and save. GrownAs* also sells its vegan cheese for food service.

For more information about GrownAs* Foods or its products, please visit or search for the brand on social media (@grownasfoods).

About GrownAs* Foods:

GrownAs* Foods is a proudly plant-based company based out of Boulder, Colorado. Manufacturing clean ingredient, gourmet mac and cheese in Classic and Truffle varieties, GrownAs* Foods has reimagined what vegan mac and cheese should taste like. With its mascot, Mac Man, by its side, the company aims to revolutionize the mac and cheese category by providing great tasting mac and cheese for all! GrownAs* Foods is a Seed Ranch Flavor Co. subsidiary. For more information about GrownAs* Foods and its products, please visit and

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