Independent Scientific Advisory Board Is Helping FirmTech Revolutionize Sexual Wellness

Dr. Ashley Tapscott joins esteemed panel to advance the fields of urology and sexual health and provide science-backed research on sextech innovations

BOZEMAN, Mont., March 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — FirmTech, a revolutionary new sexual wellness company, today announced that Ashley Tapscott has joined its independent scientific advisory board. She will now collaborate with renowned colleagues providing independent analysis of sextech data and evaluation of FirmTech product offerings to ensure products are science-backed and effective for men who want to improve their sexual performance.

“FirmTech is proud to have assembled a board of such high quality and broad experience in sexual health,” said FirmTech founder Elliot Justin, M.D., FACEP. “Our innovative, sex-positive approach to sexual wellness can help urologists deliver better care to patients and motivate patients to improve their overall health. This independent board is one of the keys to our overall mission.”

The role of this advisory board is to objectively assess FirmTech product offerings and deliver helpful research and data to practitioners dealing with men’s sexual wellness. FirmTech’s science-backed products have the ability to not only improve the sexual health of men but also motivate them to take better care of their overall health. Men seek health care at a rate of 40 to 60 percent less than women, and men with erectile dysfunction (ED) are 30 to 40 percent more likely to have a heart attack in the next five years. Urologic conditions disproportionally drive men to seek health care. Arming urologists with data from FirmTech may enable them to better serve their patients and improve health outcomes.

“After learning what these FirmTech products could tell me (as a healthcare provider) and men (about their erectile fitness), there was no way I could say ‘no’ when asked to join the scientific advisory board,” said Dr. Amy Pearlman. “My colleagues on the board are some of the most innovative and well-accomplished people with whom I’ve ever met. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with them on a regular basis to provide feedback on how to make FirmTech products the most helpful tools in sextech.”

The advisory board is notable for its diversity, especially coming from the field of urology, which is over 90 percent male. Board members come from both academia and private practice. They have a wide range of interests and expertise, including alternative medicine, fertility, and LGBTQ sexual health. The board meets monthly to review data and discuss issues of sexual wellness. In addition to Dr. Tapscott, other members of the board include Dr. Jim Hotaling, Dr. Philip J. Cheng, Dr. Ashley Winter, Dr. Amy Pearlman, Dr. Stanley Lewis, and Dr. Robert J. Valenzuela.

FirmTech is a progressive, sex-positive sexual wellness company. Current products include the Performance Ring and the Tech Ring. The Performance Ring is a cock ring that helps men with ED, as well as men simply looking to enhance their sexual experience and functioning. It increases the sensitivity and intensity of orgasms for the wearer. The TechRing, which features the same comfortable design and benefits as the Performance Ring, is “an EKG for men’s most favorite and sensitive organ,” and includes smart-sensor technology that can be worn overnight as a diagnostic tool. The complementary, easy-to-use phone app securely records, stores, and transmits data that can be privately shared with clinicians or partners. Tracking “erectile fitness” is a groundbreaking development in healthcare as instances of ED are often indicative of more serious underlying conditions. The independent advisory board is using science-based data and research to prove claims about the benefits of tracking erectile fitness, and this information can have an important impact on the sexual health of millions of men. 

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FirmTech, Inc.

FirmTech, Inc. is an innovative and progressive sexual health and wellness company founded by Dr. Elliot Justin. The company is focused on developing products that encourage fun and enjoyable sex while empowering men and women to better understand their health and its impact on their sexual wellness. FirmTech is dedicated to evaluating sexual health issues while providing products that enhance performance and pleasure. It is based on the belief that sexual fitness is key to sexual health and overall wellness.

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