Innovation Promises a Pivot in the Cleaning Tools Market

NAPLES, Fla., Feb. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — NexShift, LLC of Naples, FL is launching the PIVOT Trigger Sprayer with a Kickstarter campaign that is taking backers until Mar. 18th, 2021. 

Spray bottles have been around for over 60 years with no noteworthy improvement.  Designers have done little to address user pain points or the sustainability nightmare that they cause.  They’re made cheaper and cheaper as millions of these sprayers are used and then discarded annually, most with small amounts of unused chemical still in them!  Because most spray bottles are not accepted, as is, by recycling companies, this results in a huge amount of plastic waste, as well as hundreds of thousands of gallons of chemical slurry dumped into our ecosystem yearly.

PIVOT addresses these problems at both the user level and the environmental level.

First the user…

  • PIVOT sprays every drop of liquid without having to constantly prime! Spray tables, floors, plants, or ceilings. UP or DOWN, the draw tube stays in a constant position to the liquid. You stay focused on the task, not the failure of the tool.
  • Your relaxed wrist angle allows you to bear the weight of the liquid without strain.
  • The bottle has a low center of gravity and stays upright even when the liquid level is low.
  • PIVOT stores in less space! The reduced height allows it to easily store upright under sinks and in shelves.
  • PIVOT is designed to refill, with a wide mouth bottle that is stable to pour in without toppling or spilling.

Benefits for the Earth

  • PIVOT is a robust, reuseable tool, designed to be used indefinitely! This results in much less plastic and chemical in the landfill!
  • PIVOT is 1/3 smaller than traditional sprayers of equal volume, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint to deliver the product.
  • We are targeting PIVOT’s use with chemical concentrates in which a user just adds water. This eliminates the “throw-away” sprayer culture and allows water-less chemical to be shipped at significantly reduced energy.

The idea for this innovation was born in a family run dry cleaning business where Tyler Fyke, inventor of the PIVOT Sprayer, grew up using traditional sprayers and experiencing the frustration of having to prime the bottle constantly when spraying shirts on a table.  He knew there was a better way!

As word has begun to spread, many companies and individuals have expressed excitement to use PIVOT or incorporate it with their chemical products.  Brian Wilkinson, founder of Slick Products, a cleaning solutions company, stated, “The durability and unique features of the PIVOT sprayer put this product in a league of its own. The pivoting handle allows me to tilt the container in almost any direction while getting a continuous spray. This tool is far superior to any trigger style bottle.” Another fan who saw it on Youtube said it was “sliced bread” type innovation.

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