Integrated Operations’ Viral Defense™ Partners with Planix Group to Mitigate the Spread of Viruses with Expanded State of the Art Detection Products

SHELBY TOWNSHIP, Mich., Feb. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Integrated Operations LLC, with its Viral Defense line of healthcare products, has partnered with Finland-based Planix Group Oy, to expand their product portfolio to include state of the art technologies focused on detection systems to aid in the battle against harmful viruses and bacteria, and to improve safety and security in general. The companies will each represent the others’ products and services in North America and Europe, opening new opportunities and markets for both companies.

These new products are intended to be applied in a wide variety of locations and industries including schools, sports venues, hotels, offices, medical, retail, mass transportation (airports, trains, buses, cruise terminals, etc.), warehouses and for personal use. The detection-based products focus on detecting fevers and mask wearing and can offer full facial, hand, and fingerprint recognition to keep people healthy and safe.

“We are excited to embark on this new partnership with Integrated Operations’ Viral Defense which will bring additional capabilities to both companies. Our products complement each other well, and together we will be offering a broader line of healthcare solutions throughout North America and Europe,” comments Harri Laitinen, CEO, Planix Group Oy.

“With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been working with colleagues around the globe to develop technologies to help mitigate the spread of viruses, manage new infections, and provide cleaner, less germ-ridden environments,” says Nick Jaksa, founder and president of Integrated Operations. “We understand that global pandemics may become part of a new normal, and these need to be combatted with prevention and safety.  Viral Defense is at the forefront of the mitigation of harmful bacteria and viruses and offers disinfectant and healthcare products based on medical research from around the world. Working in partnership with Planix Group Oy will expand the technologies we will offer and our global market reach.”

The new line of products from Viral Defense/Planix Group Oy includes:

Automated Temperature Fever Detection Camera
Most fever detection devices require a distance of less than six inches between the person being measured and the operator for accurate results which puts both people at risk of viral transmission. The Automatic Fever Measurement System is fully automated and measures up to five people at the same time within a range of six feet. This is ideal for large areas with long lines that need to move quickly and efficiently.

Automated Mask Wearing Detection System
Face masks, when worn properly, have been proven to significantly reduce the spread of viruses and germs. The Automated Mask Wearing Detection System detects people wearing and not wearing face masks automatically. The system can be connected to existing or new CCTV security cameras, allowing security personnel to be alerted about non­-compliant visitors. Settings include a “normal application” where the screening is anonymous and respects privacy protocols. For additional security measures, facial recognition can be incorporated as an additional option in venues requiring higher security.

Advanced Multibiometric Technologies
Additional technologies are available including the Palm and Fingerprint Matching Systems to achieve faster and more accurate fingerprint matching. These systems offer unmatched algorithms to identify palmprints and fingerprints in large scale databases in entry where limited/secure access is required. The Iris Recognition system represents an ideal choice as a non-invasive biometric solution and is based on important advantages such as the stability and uniqueness of the iris pattern. The Face Recognition System combines facial feature biometrics in a non-intrusive and widely accepted methodology. When used in combination with identification cards or even tickets in sporting and entertainment venues, these systems are able to confirm that the person submitting information matches the provided identification in the system. The Palmprint Recognition System implements matching characteristics that have made it a widely desired application. As with fingerprints, palm recognition is represented by information presented in the friction ridge impressions. Their uniqueness and permanence are a trusted form of identification. 

Integrated Operations, LLC, has teamed up with several manufacturers to create a line of products under the Viral Defense brand that provides benefits not widely found around the world. The company has searched the globe to uncover well engineered, high performing, and competitively priced solutions to fill in existing gaps in disinfection and personal health and safety. Integrated Operations’ Viral Defense disinfectant systems, which include walk through misting booths and portable misting technology, provide unique benefits and the most comprehensive coverage available in the market today.

Planix Group Oy has specialized in security, surveillance and healthcare solutions and services for more than 20 years. With its offices in Europe and a global network of partners and agents the company offers its products and services worldwide.

Media Contact:
Alise Kreditor

SOURCE Integrated Operations LLC