Intellimize Powers Precision Marketing with 6sense

Integration harnesses the power of intent data for tailored website experiences

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Intellimize, the leading AI experience optimization platform, and 6sense, the leading platform to revolutionize the way B2B organizations create, manage and convert pipeline to revenue, today announced a new integration for mutual customers with the aim of providing marketers with the tools to create personalized experiences for their website visitors.

Through the integration of 6sense attributes, customers of both Intellimize and 6sense platforms are now able to create custom audiences with account-demographic, account-level, and intent and firmographic data from website visitors. This integration provides a personalized experience for the audience, increasing their likelihood to convert, and is especially beneficial for account-based marketing (ABM), where marketers can target based on vertical, persona, or account.

B2B marketing is often fraught with a complex buying committee and longer sales cycles. This integration streamlines a large portion of that process, drawing on known data points and serving different buyers with a tailored experience to meet their needs. This accelerates the buying cycle with more relevant and personalized experiences and ultimately reduces customer acquisition costs.

“We use Intellimize’s AI and 6sense’s account data to help identify site visitors at the company level and serve them an optimized, personalized experience. It allows us to validate our messaging and tweak the content for each of our key audiences in an efficient, automated way,” said Carin Van Vuuren, CMO of Greenhouse.

Combining the AI-driven capabilities of both platforms gives marketers the power to operationalize ABM across the buyer’s journey. 6sense’s intent data identifies key and in-market  accounts that marketers should target, and gives them insights on the types of elements to personalize within their website experiences. With personalized website experiences for all target accounts, marketers can be more efficient in building revenue pipeline and hitting their goals. 

“By integrating 6sense’s market-leading AI-powered insights with customized website experiences, we enable marketers to truly understand their customers’ needs rather than simply guessing,” said Elliot Smith, Head of Partnerships, 6sense. “The result is a transformative approach that enhances engagement, fosters trust, and catalyzes conversions. Together, we’re setting the stage for the future of marketing — one where precision and personalization pave the way for accelerated revenue growth.”

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About Intellimize
Intellimize is the only codeless SaaS platform that uses AI to optimize for 1:1 personalized website experiences across the entire buyer’s journey. Marketing teams gain a competitive edge when using Intellimize to drive efficient pipeline and revenue growth in a cookieless world. Leading marketing teams at Gong, Okta, Drift, Sumo Logic, Coupa and more trust Intellimize to inspire, test and learn faster, drive revenue, and be more efficient. Intellimize is backed by Cobalt Capital, Addition, Amplify Partners, Homebrew, and Precursor Ventures.  Learn more on the Intellimize website or follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

About 6sense
6sense is on a mission to revolutionize the way B2B organizations create revenue by predicting customers most likely to buy and recommending the best course of action to engage anonymous buying teams. 6sense Revenue AI is the only sales and marketing platform to unlock the ability to create, manage and convert high-quality pipeline to revenue. Customers report 2X increases in average contract value, 4X increases in win rate and a 20-40% reduction in time to close deals. Know everything. Do anything, with 6sense.

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