Inventors Mary and Jason Young and Hydropolis, Inc. Have Signed a Patent License Agreement for Multi-Cooker Designed for Use With Cannabis

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla., Oct. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —┬áInventors Mary and Jason Young and Hydropolis, Inc. sign patent license agreement.

Mary and Jason Young today announced that they have signed a patent license agreement with Hydropolis, Inc. which covers the use of US Patent No. 9,468,865 ‘Tincture preparation method and use.’

The agreement grants Hydropolis, Inc., located in West Springfield, Massachusetts, an exclusive license to sell their kitchen appliance, Butter Brewer, using the patented technology. Butter Brewer is the first patented multi-cooker that creates herbal infusions, tinctures, full extract herbal oils, and cooks foods all in one device. Butter Brewer extracts chemical compounds from cannabis and infuses them into butters, oils, and more. Gentle stirring is made easy using the detachable, immersed mixing paddle. With its removable 4-quart pot and the DIY option, many foods can easily be cooked.

Butter Brewer uses heat to activate the tetrahydrocannabinol or THC in cannabis through a process called decarboxylation. Then, the decarboxylated cannabis is ready to be infused into butter. Finally, the infused butter can be used to bake edibles such as "pot brownies."

Jason and Mary often prepare meals using the state-of-the-art cooker as a replacement for several kitchen appliances. "I use Butter Brewer so often it stays on my countertop. Slow cooked meals are convenient and easy to make for our family of six," said Jason Young.

Mary and Jason Young also announced a 10 percent discount on all orders on and when using promo code MARYDISCOUNT. Hydropolis, Inc. also sells grow tents and another unique product called The Pot Pot.

Mary and Jason were granted their patent in 2016. The couple got the idea after making cannabis oil to treat Mary’s Crohn’s disease. "I had tried every type of drug for my type of Crohn’s when I began seeking a natural alternative. I connected online with the cannabis community and learned how to make cannabis oil eventually leading to our invention," said Mary Young.

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