ISP Reports Unveils a Groundbreaking Tool for Comprehensive U.S. Internet Service Provider Insights

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah, Sept. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, there’s an emerging demand for reliable, current, and transparent data in the world of internet service providers (ISPs). ISP Reports has introduced a new platform that promises to redefine the standard of ISP data transparency for users across the U.S.

With the $1 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the federal government allocated $65 billion towards bringing high speed internet to everyone in America through 2030. With this, the FCC has doubled down on its national broadband map and updated it significantly in May of 2023.

With this new drive towards broadband proliferation and transparency, ISP Reports was created to provide two things the internet service market has lacked: accountability for internet service providers and better consumer data.

Where other platforms have lagged with outdated FCC data, ISP Reports has used this most recent data release and created an innovative new platform with unique industry-leading features.

At the core of ISP Reports is a commitment to place the user first. Unlike market leaders who frequently adjust their rankings to meet business objectives, ISP Reports takes a data-centric approach. Now, users can effortlessly input their address and receive individualized internet provider information, making the process of selecting an ISP more precise than ever before. This level of detail, personalized down to individual homes, is a first for the industry.

Redefining Data Accuracy: Where other platforms lag with outdated data, dating back 2 years to June 2021, ISP Reports remains ahead of the curve. The platform uses the FCC’s most recent data release from December 31, 2022, and has integrated provider updates up through August 16, 2023. By listing over 2,800 providers—compared to the 2,000 by other competitors—ISP Reports ensures an unparalleled breadth and depth of choice for the user. Moreover, rather than authoring its own reviews, which may not capture the full picture of a provider’s performance across regions, ISP Reports offers extensive customer surveys to offer genuine, region-specific insights.

The FCC’s Vision Realized: Recent strides by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) have underscored the national urgency to provide comprehensive broadband data. Their pivotal move in May, transforming the national broadband map from census block-level data to a more detailed system, has laid the groundwork for platforms like ISP Reports to flourish.

ISP Reports’ Enhanced Data Framework: But simply adopting the FCC’s new approach wasn’t enough. ISP Reports recognized that while granularity has its merits, there’s an intrinsic value in the original census-block measurements. This information, essential for understanding our neighborhoods, cities, counties, and zip codes, has been seamlessly integrated into ISP Reports’ platform. By combining the new, detailed FCC data with these broader measurements, ISP Reports offers a holistic view, equipping users with a clear understanding of both detailed and broad internet service landscapes.

Driving Informed ISP Choices: This meticulous data amalgamation makes ISP Reports the go-to platform for those keen on making informed ISP purchasing decisions. As massive federal initiatives like the “Internet for All” program aim to bring high-speed internet to every American by 2030, tools like ISP Reports become indispensable for users to navigate their options and understand their choices against a backdrop of rapid infrastructure development.

ISP Reports is more than just a platform; it’s a testament to the belief that every American deserves transparent and accurate data when choosing their ISP. As the landscape of internet service continues to evolve in the U.S., ISP Reports stands ready to guide users every step of the way.

Media Contact:
Edwin Ivanauskas