Levoit Launches VortexIQ™ 40 Cordless Stick Vacuum

ANAHEIM, Calif., March 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Levoit, the #1 selling air purifier brand in the US*, reveals the VortexIQ 40 Cordless Stick Vacuum, designed to make cleaning efficient and seamless. Featuring Dynamic Power Control (DPC) Technology, the vacuum can detect debris and automatically adjust suction power levels for you in real-time. The VortexIQ 40 Vacuum can be purchased for $259.99 at Levoit.com.

The new smart vacuum offers a multi-functional and lightweight design, easy-to-use technology, and innovative features, including:

  • Anti-Entanglement Design: Bristle brush roll with a large diameter, anti-entanglement design reduces hair (especially pet hair) entanglement
  • 4-Stage Filtration: Enhanced with dual HEPA-type filters, trap at least 99.9% of particles 0.3 microns in size
  • 5 Power Levels: Increase and decrease the suction power level for different kinds of messes
  • Compact Dust Bin: Holds up to 2.5 cups of debris and empties with one click
  • Long Runtime: Vacuum for up to 40 minutes before having to recharge
  • Easy Storage: Store the vacuum and its accessories on the mountable charging dock 

Designed to auto-adjust the suction power to handle any level of dirt, the VortexIQ40 Cordless Stick Vacuum also features a user-friendly LED Control Panel for users to control the cleaning status at any time. The VortexIQ 40 Vacuum also comes equipped with an LED light, illuminating the floor to ensure that even the darkest corners are cleaned.

"This vacuum signifies an expansion of Levoit’s smart home ecosystem. Our goal is to simplify household maintenance by enabling families to live a more connected lifestyle," said Grace Yang, VeSync Founder and CEO. "With spring cleaning right around the corner, we wanted to provide families with a home appliance, that would make cleaning simple, effective, and convenient. The lightweight vacuum comes with a charging dock and accessory holder, as well as a user-friendly one-click dust bin making dirt removal from most surfaces a pain-free task." 

Levoit is VeSync‘s air solutions brand that offers innovative products designed to foster a healthier lifestyle. For additional information on the Levoit VortexIQ™ 40 Cordless Stick Vacuum, visit Levoit.com.

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of Levoit

*Source: The NPD Group / Retail Tracking Service, US unit sales, 12 months ending October 2020. Based on Amazon sales. 

About Levoit:  
Launched in 2016, Levoit connects homes with smart products to create clean and comfortable atmospheres. The brand’s collection of air purifiers and humidifiers features industry-leading technologies and smart home applications. As part of the VeSync Family of Brands, Levoit has received worldwide recognition for its continued innovation in reliable, intuitive designs. To learn more, visit www.levoit.com

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