Lily-Lark Expands Fashion-Forward Skin Protection with New LARK Line of UPF 50+ Parasols and 18 New Print Options

Lily-Lark’s luxurious Signature sun protective parasols will be joined by a new, elegantly minimalist parasol design at a lower price point.

NEW YORK, April 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Just as summery days begin to return, there’s a new form of skin protection under the sun. Lily-Lark’s new diffusion line of UPF 50+ parasols, Lark, will pair high design with affordability. The Lark parasol will sport a collection of 10 curated, artist-designed prints. Lily-Lark’s original signature line will introduce its own lineup of 8 new prints for Summer 2022.

Lark is the culmination of an extensive design process to preserve the luxe Lily-Lark feel at an accessible price point. The result is a slightly pared-down, more minimalist parasol, which requires less labor to produce.

Among the newly debuting prints are a selection of neutrals, created with fashion flexibility and appeal to all genders in mind. Some prints are figurative, some are abstract… there’s a Lily-Lark print for every stylish attitude. 

Speaking on this new chapter for the company, Lily-Lark’s founder, CEO and Creative Director Lisa Selwitz remarked: "With the launch of 19 new prints and a less expensive parasol, we aspire to make serious sun protection inviting to more people." 

Selwitz is particularly excited about one new Lark print. "It was designed in collaboration with vintage fashion aficionada and Egyptologist Colleen Darnell, a.k.a. @vintage_egyptologist. Dr. Darnell has been a fan and friend of Lily-Lark’s for many years. She suggested using art from ceiling patterns of tombs, circa the 1300’s B.C.E., to create a print." The result is called WASET, named for the ancient city where the tombs are located. The artwork is by Stephan Jans, owner of the textile studio PRINTS OF ORANGE.

Lily-Lark’s distinctive parasols combine a stunning, artisan-made bamboo frame with an eye-catching canopy crafted of sun-protective fabric. A matching carrying case makes it easy to take a Lily-Lark along for a stroll down city streets, a day at the beach, or just running errands…all occasions that require shade.

The company began when Selwitz, anxious about getting older in an ageist industry, became passionate about skin protection. "I was still trying to protect my career as well as my skin, and to prevent my skin from premature aging, I had an idea for this fun parasol," she says. Utilizing her skills as a creative director, she founded a business where beauty of all ages is celebrated. Lily-Lark is deeply infused with Selwitz’s love for art and design; she says, "when I see a piece of art that just hits me over the head as the perfect parasol to have over my head, I follow my instincts."

All 18 new prints, including the Lark line, can be preordered via a Kickstarter campaign,, starting Tuesday, April 12th, at 9 am EST. All preorders will be discounted to celebrate the launch, with special Early Bird pricing offered at the beginning.

ABOUT LILY-LARK: Lily-Lark is a woman-owned company devoted to creating "the most beautiful skin protection under the sun." Their artisan-made bamboo parasols provide UPF 50+ protection, and their curated print selection makes for an accessory that turns heads. 

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