Meet the Brand Bringing New Zealand’s Sweetest Superfood to the United States

BeeNZ Is Setting the Global Standard for Elite Honey-Making Harmony With Its Top Shelf, Environmentally-Friendly Mānuka Honey Products

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., June 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Honey is a multi-billion dollar industry with hundreds of variations produced around the world. Despite the wide-ranging selection and fierce competition, one kind of honey clearly stands out on the shelf: Mānuka honey.

Mānuka honey is a rare natural substance made by bees in New Zealand who forage the nectar from the Mānuka plant flower (which is the native Māori name for the internationally renowned “tea tree” plant). Mānuka honey is famous throughout the history of the Land of the Long White Cloud as both a sweetener and a health agent. It has scientifically proven antibacterial properties, which have led to its medicinal use as everything from a cough suppressant to enhancing oral health, aiding digestion, and even healing wounds.

When it comes to the beekeepers harvesting this rare and multi-faceted native New Zealand treasure, one company is setting the sticky new gold standard for top-shelf Mānuka honey: BeeNZ.

“We are proud to manage the honey’s journey from our hives to your home,” explains BeeNZ co-founder Julie Hayes. “We have been in the honey business for years, and we’ve used that time to invest in producing the cleanest, purest, most effective Mānuka honey on the market.”

Hayes goes on to explain the process that her family-owned company uses to create its prized products. “Mānuka flowers are only open for two weeks per year. This means we have a very limited, weather-dependent annual window to harvest our honey. It’s a rare commodity, which makes every drop precious.”

Once the bees have contributed their two-week intensive flurry of honey production, Hayes and her team work on the rest of the process of getting the honey from farm to table. They harvest, clean, and package the honey, taking extreme care every step of the way. This ensures that each jar of BeeNZ Mānuka honey isn’t just clean, pure and authentic but also crafted with care. 

BeeNZ is also UMF™ certified. This is a unique license (UMF stands for Unique Mānuka Factor) that verifies BeeNZ’s products meet strict standards of purity, potency, and overall quality. The company is also B Corp-certified and Toitu Enviromark Gold Certified, both of which are prestigious testaments to the brand’s fierce commitment to the environment within which it operates and the people in their community. The brand even uses rPET (recycled) plastic for its packaging.

The end result of Hayes and the rest of the BeeNZ staff’s impressive efforts is a sweet superfood product that consumers can completely trust. Customers from New Zealand to New York know that they can use BeeNZ’s Mānuka honey not just to sweeten their tea but to use countless other ways as they navigate the trials, scrapes, and sicknesses of life.

About BeeNZ:

BeeNZ was founded in 2016 by David and Julie Hayes and remains a family-owned and operated company — much like a hive. The honey brand is headquartered in Katikati, New Zealand, where they harvest their country’s unique Mānuka and Kanuka honey. The company is UMF™ (unique Mānuka Factor) certified as well as B Corp-certified. It also maintains several core standards, including community, sustainability, ethics, and trust. BeeNZ is respectful of the earth, the bees, its staff, and its customers. It follows nature’s lead, creating each of its products with care, by one family, for another. Learn more at

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