MerchMixer Hits $2M Lifetime GMV and Announces Launch of New Dropship Reseller Portal

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — After hitting $2M in Lifetime Gross Merchandise Volume, the top Shopify dropship app MerchMixer, announced today the launch of its Reseller Portal — a new platform allowing Resellers to list and dropship on just about any platform. Now dropship Resellers can sell MerchMixer products via BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Walmart, eBay, and any other channel of their choice.

CEO and Co-Founder, Matt Smith has this to say about the launch: “We’re thrilled to introduce the MerchMixer Dropship Reseller Portal — a powerful tool that gives our Resellers access to more than 750,000 products that they can dropship on any platform. We make dropshipping even easier and more accessible than ever before for Resellers outside of the Shopify ecosystem”.

The MerchMixer Reseller Portal is unique in that it offers an economical subscription with enterprise level features. All that Resellers need to do is download the product feed data from the Reseller Portal and upload it to the platform of their choice. As long as your eCommerce platform supports CSV product feeds, then you can enjoy the benefits of MerchMixer’s Reseller Portal. Once an order comes in, Resellers can come back to the MerchMixer Portal dashboard, place those orders and have them shipped directly to the end customer.

As for pricing, MerchMixer offers flexible plans for Dropshippers:

  • Monthly plan for $29 per month
  • Annual plan for $99 per year
  • Lifetime plan for $199

With the launch of its Reseller Portal, MerchMixer has significantly expanded its reach, allowing dropshippers to bypass any platform limitations and serve a much larger audience.

“What we have seen is that our dropship Resellers want to sell their products on as many channels as possible. They also want to list as many products as possible via these channels. Many of our Shopify dropship Resellers would take their MerchMixer products and cross post them on Walmart or Amazon via Shopify Sales Channel Apps. The Portal solution allows for Resellers to double down on this multi-channel high SKU count strategy,” said MerchMixer CEO Matt Smith.

The launch of the Reseller Portal marks a major milestone in MerchMixer’s growth trajectory and will no doubt further cement its position as one of the premier dropshipping services in the US.

To learn more about MerchMixer and its Reseller Portal, visit their website at

About MerchMixer

MerchMixer is a top Shopify dropship app and dropshipping platform helping small business owners and entrepreneurs quickly get their products to market across various sales channels. Founded in 2021, MerchMixer has become known for its commitment to excellent customer service and ease of use.

Its Reseller Portal was launched in November 2022 and promises to revolutionize the way dropshippers do business. By providing access to over 750,000 products, MerchMixer gives Resellers access to dropship enterprise features via economical membership plans.

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