Midtown Motorcycles and Scooters Celebrates 5 Years

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Buy a Scooter!

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. , May 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Midtown Motorcycles and Scooters, in sunny Daytona Beach Florida, is celebrating 5 years in business. Acting Manager and CEO David Hurtibise, "We have made big changes to keep up with demand. In addition to expanding the number of models we offer, we have increased our facility space and tripled our service team. We have the best customers. We have been around long enough that the Daytona Beach locals know they can depend on us for scooter parts and friendly advice. Our customers work all types of days and hours, we transitioned to a 7-day work week to give our customers more flexibility. We’ve always taken pride in our many financing options. However, not all of our customers could take advantage so we added a layaway program with no additional fees or hidden costs allowing the customer to pay at their pace. Most of our customers use a smartphone in their day-to-day life so we adjusted our website to render effectively for all modern devices. Now all of our customers can access our website www.MyNewCycle.com to check out inventory, request service or review financing options. The Volusia County area has a large hispanic community. Often, we felt at a loss while trying to help our Spanish speaking customers. So, in order to better serve our community, we brought on a native Spanish speaking sales team member. When someone calls up needing advice, we give it in English or Spanish, with a smile, because that’s exactly how we would want to be treated if we were on that side of the counter."

During the pandemic Midtown had to adjust and improvise to make it through. "Customers were streaming in looking for automatic motorcycles, scooters, dirt bikes and four wheelers to get outside and ride. Distributors were consistently low on inventory. Our team had to think fast and work hard to maintain inventory levels. Customers need options when looking for a fun new powersport. We cannot expect our customers to get excited about two or three models. Variety in style and function, that’s what customers want, plenty of choices."

At this time of high gas prices, Midtown is as busy as ever. Midtown offers "NO Driver’s License" electric scooter options as well as high MPG scooters which have become increasingly popular. Scooters get great gas mileage with some getting more than 100 MPG. Scooters are easy, reliable and cost-effective transportation. Midtown stocks fully automatic scooters with easy electric start. 

Gas prices are constantly fluctuating and the cost of living seems to continually climb. "Customers have been coming in after hitting the gas pump. It doesn’t take many $80 fill ups for someone to look for a more economical option. Scooters barely sip gasoline, getting you a lot further for a lot less."

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