Mingle Mocktails Brings Alcohol-Free Fun to Store Shelves at Total Wine & More

PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The non-alcoholic movement is no longer a trend. People are seeking ‘better for you’ options for a healthier lifestyle, and mocktails have become the “go-to” choice at bars, restaurants, and social gatherings across the country. According to data from GALLUP, 40% of Americans abstain from alcohol, increasing from 35% in 2019, and retailers want to keep up with the growing demand. Just in time for the holidays, Mingle Mocktails announced their line of alcohol-free canned cocktails are now available at Total Wine & More.

Total Wine & More is the country’s largest independent retailer of fine wine, distilled spirits and beer with 245 stores in 27 states. A typical Total Wine & More store carries more than 8,000 different wines, 4,000+ distilled spirits and 300+ beers in every style and price range. Total Wine & More offers customers an expansive adult non-alcoholic beverage selection in all of its stores nationwide.

“We have seen unprecedented consumer interest in non-alcoholic options over the past several years and my team and I have worked hard to fill that customer demand,” said Andrea Starr, Total Wine & More’s Director, Beer Merchandising. “Mingle Mocktails stands out for its highly attractive cocktail-inspired flavors, clear social mission to foster inclusivity and the strong corporate leadership that supports the brand.”

Mingle Mocktails are clean crafted with fruit juices and botanicals and makes drinking occasions fun for everyone. Natural, sparkling, low-calorie and flexibly mixable, the brand’s fruit forward cocktail-inspired flavors and colorful packaging makes Mingle an enjoyable option for non-drinkers as well as social drinkers who may prefer a mocktail or light mixer.

Mingle was introduced in 2015 by mother and businesswoman Laura Taylor who gave up drinking but still wanted to feel like a part of the party. After mixing up a batch of what is now the company’s alcohol-free “Cranberry Cosmo” for a girls getaway weekend, Taylor realized she could fill the need for non-drinkers wanting a choice that honors their decision to be alcohol-free for a night or a lifestyle choice.

“Our expanded relationship with Total Wine & More is a personal milestone for Mingle; it’s been our mission since day one to be on-shelves because they’ve led the charge in having a dedicated non-alcoholic section to meet increased demand,” explains Laura Taylor, Founder of Mingle Mocktails and Boozefree Badass.  “Now we make it easier for consumers to shop for America’s top-selling canned mocktail.  It’s even more rewarding to have partnered with Andrea Starr as a fellow female business leader to finally achieve this meaningful goal.”

Mingle is available in select Total Wine & More stores nationwide including all Arizona, Florida, and Minnesota locations.  Packaged in 750 ml bottles (6-pack for $63.95) or 12 oz sleek cans ($12.99) Mingle flavors include Cranberry Cosmo, Blackberry Hibiscus Bellini, Cucumber Melon Mojito, Moscow Mule, Blood Orange Elderflower Mimosa, and Key Lime Margarita. 

For more information, please visit www.minglemocktails.com or www.totalwine.com.

Daphne Ortiz

SOURCE Mingle Mocktails