My Kitchen and Me Announces the Launch of Their New Online Store

BERKELEY, Calif., April 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — My Kitchen and Me, an online initiative for those starting on their eco-friendly and green journey, is excited to announce the launch of their new online store. The blog turned one-stop-shop allows readers to get familiar with cleaning techniques, using everyday household items in new ways, as well as learning about new up-and-coming brands in the green household space.

Started in late 2020 by Ana Bonifacio, a pioneer in the field of holistic healthcare, the brand began as a way to help educate those interested in finding green and eco-friendly alternatives to the harsh cleaning products that have become household names.

While inarguably efficient, household products that we use on our floors, countertops, and even on our dishes can leave behind toxic residue. While ok for most users, these toxins have been known to put those with ailments such as asthma, allergies, and infants at risk for complications and severe reactions. Key studies have found that women using bleach frequently (11%) were more likely to have current asthma as compared to non-users.

Shockingly, those at risk from use of common household products can include those with no previous sensitivity. Consistently, among women without allergic sensitization, significant positive associations were found between use of bleach and bronchial hyperresponsiveness, asthma like-symptoms and chronic cough.

“With the launch of this store, we hope to reach communities that may have been shy in the past about switching over to green cleaning products,” says Ana Bonifacio, Founder and CEO. “We debunk a lot of the myths associated with turning away from brands we’ve learned to love and trust, and turning to items we haven’t associated with cleaning before.”

My Kitchen and Me is a bilingual blog that was launched with the hope of extending its reach into the Latino community. The Dominican founder saw a disparity of how and who green products have historically targeted. Our articles are shared in both English and Spanish to ensure that we can take our message to every home and casa in the nation.

Products available on My Kitchen and Me include: Meliora, Jaws, Better Life, Green Heritage Pro etc. More information is available on and Instagram.

About My Kitchen and Me:
My Kitchen and Me empowers you to make smarter decisions about what you clean with.  At the core of everything we do in our kitchen is desire to cultivate a safe haven for our families and ourselves. But at times the products we use to stay safe are actually the ones making us sick.  We’re here to teach you to gain a powerful clean with green & bio-friendly products. We’ve curated content from years of expertise to provide you with how-to’s, guides, and round ups of our top products. Let’s not forget, our recommendations are free from harsh chemicals.

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Eva Valdebenito

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