MyCause Brand Awareness Shoes Get Kicked Off In Style

DALLAS, April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Jimmy Stephens, Founder & Designer of MyCause Brand, successfully launched his new awareness shoe brand on April 15 on Indiegogo. He is now announcing the launch of a sister campaign on Kickstarter. The three-cancer survivor developed his line of MyCause Awareness Shoes to support others battling diseases and medical conditions. His colored-ribbon MyCause Awareness shoes give people a visible voice and draw more attention to their causes. 

MyCause Awareness shoes feature a three-ribbon design on each side and are available in more than 3,000 color combinations to represent all the different causes. The shoes feature a “strength cloud” on the shoe’s back and side and a raised “Strength Cloud” design on the shoe’s sole, which leaves an imprint on soft surfaces like dirt or wet sand. The Strength Cloud words include love, power, strength, believe, family, cure, persevere, and numerous others.

The MyCause Brand company’s goal is to give a voice and visual recognition to fighters, survivors, and caregivers. Founder Jimmy Stephens explains, “As a three-time cancer survivor, I know what it takes to fight back and battle a disease every day. I know the strength it requires and the love and much-needed support given by our loved ones. I wanted to give people a fun, obvious way to show their support of the causes and the people closest to their hearts. The Awareness shoes are made from EVA-recyclable, eco-friendly materials, are anti-odor, and both comfortable and durable enough for walking, hiking, or running. This is not a cheap shoe.

“They also have a Give-Back component. All MyCause Shoes purchases include a 20% donation of the total price to the charity or cause of the buyer’s choosing. The responses from people about our Awareness Shoes have been overwhelming; I am answering about 100 emails a day.”

Kickstarter and Indiegogo backing for the shoes also feature MyCause Brand peripheral items as incentive bonuses at the different sponsor levels. Bonus items include MyCause Paracord Ribbon Keychains, MyCause Strength Cloud Blankets, and MyCause 30 oz. Stainless Tumblers.

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MyCause Brand is located in Dallas, Texas. Founded by a three-time cancer survivor, it is an Awareness and Cause brand with a purpose: to give back to causes near and dear to our hearts through making a beautiful awareness shoe product to showcase the cause, research, and charity organizations individuals choose to support. 20% of all company profits are donated to charities individually chosen by purchasers of their product. For more information, please visit, call 214-980-9811, or email

Jimmy Stephens – Founder & Designer
MyCause Brand

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