Mythologie Candles Launches New Fantasy Candle Collection to Create an Immersive Experience for Lord of the Rings Fans

LYDEN, Wash., June 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mythologie Candles is announcing the launch of a new candle collection inspired by Lord of the Rings to help fans of the books, films, and upcoming Amazon Prime show create a multi-sensory experience as they watch. The Fellowship Collection is now available on the Mythologie Candles website

Reading a book, watching a TV show, or playing a video game is enjoyable on its own, but it can be difficult to feel like you’re really in that world. Most forms of entertainment engage only one or two of the five senses, such as sight and hearing. One of the most powerful and transformative of all the senses is the sense of smell, which none of these forms of entertainment provide. Without engaging this sense, consumers are missing out on a truly immersive experience.

The fantasy-driven entertainment sector, which includes video games, table-top gaming, and billion-dollar TV shows such as Amazon’s Rings of Power, accounts for a multi-billion dollar industry. The crossover between candles and fantasy entertainment could be the most powerful augmentation to the entertainment industry yet.

"We want to be the best in the world at transporting people to fantasy worlds through scent stories," said Leah McHenry, founder and CEO of Mythologie Candles. "Being fans of fantasy movies and worlds like Lord of the Rings, we know what it’s like to want to truly feel like you’re physically there. It’s the ultimate escapism. Something was missing from that experience and we believe we have solved it."

When it comes to pairing scent and media, you’ll just have to experience it yourself to understand how transformative it is.

Mythologie Candles’ Fellowship collection is available on their website in both the 8oz crackling wooden wick Deluxe variant and Regular cotton wick variant, as well as a 2oz sample pack option to try all six scents in a travel size.

About Mythologie Candles:

Mythologie Candles seeks to transform the entertainment sector by providing a solution to the most powerful missing sensory experience in the fantasy niche. Despite having officially launched in March of 2020 during the onset of the global pandemic, Mythologie Candles is already producing over 150,000 candles per year and has over 40,000 customers to date.

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Leah McHenry

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