Nabu Launches the World’s First Group Gift Registry Platform to Give Kids Memorable Experiences While Providing an Alternative to Physical Gifts

By meeting the consumer demand for conscious parenting and plastic-free gifts through experiences and activities, Nabu is bringing intention and connection back to gifting.

LOS ANGELES, May 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Nabu, the world’s first group gifting platform for memorable children’s activities and experiences, announces its launch. Now, family members and friends can collectively gift intentional children’s activities curated on its registry platform shown to increase learning, engagement, and connection. This comes at a time when over 92% of millennial parents surveyed prefer non-physical gifts in a movement towards sustainability, anti-materialism, and conscious parenting. Studies also show that more toys and material possessions lead to an increase in children’s anxiety levels.

By helping parents select the highest-rated local activities for kids while making it easy for friends and family to answer the question of “What should I gift your child?“, Nabu is turning short-lived boxed gifts into a lifetime of connection between gifters and the child. Most importantly, Nabu is making transformative experiences previously accessible to middle and upper-class families such as summer camps, travel, sports, music, and language lessons accessible to all children regardless of their socioeconomic status.

“COVID has proven to us how more material possessions do not keep kids engaged or connected, and that experiences instead shape their development, which is further amplified when supported by friends and family,” said Nabu founder and CEO Elian Savodivker. “By allowing gifting to be collective, experiential, and social, Nabu is bringing the entire extended family together to see their contributions in action.”

Unlike crowdfunding platforms or gift registries from retailers, Nabu’s curates pre-selected activities and local vendors with high ratings and reviews from real parents, with 100% of contributions going to that pre-selected experience. In addition, Nabu allows friends and family to bond over this gift by sharing in-app messages and photos from the activity. By transforming a one-time boxed gift into a lifelong experience everyone participates in, Nabu is redefining children’s gifting.

Founded by a Black and Latinx team, Nabu is leading the charge for the future of gift registries at the intersection of sustainability and conscious parenting. In Q4 of 2023, Nabu plans to release upgraded features such as AI integration on its platform, including smart matching of activity suggestions and built-in video messaging capabilities. Nabu users will also get exclusive discounts, promotions, priority check-ins, and other perks from its growing list of providers to elevate the gifting experience. For parents with more resources, Nabu can also facilitate collective gift-giving for at-need children in the name of their kid.

About Nabu

Nabu is the world’s first group gift registry platform to give kids memorable experiences while providing an alternative to physical gifts. Founded by parents for parents, Nabu is created out of the belief that intentional experiences that amplify emotion, connection, and learning outweigh any physical or material gift. Through its curated and tech-enabled platform, parents can share vetted and memorable gift experiences for their children while making experiences something the entire extended family can bond over.

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