Natural Cure Labs Releases A Thyroid Support Supplement Unlike Any Other

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., Sept. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Thyroid health affects the lives of millions of Americans every day, with more than 20 million Americans formally diagnosed with some form of thyroid disease, and many more taking supplements to stay healthy as a form of daily health protocols. With so many people looking for quality thyroid support supplements, the nutrition market is flooded with “copycat formulas” that reproduce the same ingredients and formulas of their competition, or in some instances, the same manufacturer will release the same product under numerous labels.

Natural Cure Labs takes pride in their innovative approach to product development when it comes to creating a better thyroid support product. Using research-based evidence to support ingredient selection, Natural Cure Labs’ goal is to broaden the reach of naturopathic wellness to a wider audience who could benefit from naturally derived dietary supplements.

Too often, low-cost formulas contain iodine as a key ingredient, in potentially harmful doses. Over time, higher levels of iodine are associated with further thyroid complications, such as gland inflammation. Natural Cure Labs deliberately omits both iodine and kelp in their formula to reduce potentially unsafe ingredients from their products, opting instead for science-based alternatives such as L-Tyrosine and Inositol. Choosing which quality ingredients to include in their Thyroid Support formula was no small task for Natural Cure Labs, as the brand utilized more than 14 human health studies to carefully craft their ingredient selection and overall product design.

For Natural Cure Labs, the design of their thyroid supplements may be one of its most unique features. Rather than a capsule containing a liquid OR powder fill, Thyroid Support utilizes a patented dual-capsule technology to offer both liquid AND powder, split in half, so each is in their own individual chamber within the same capsule.

Unlike many other forms of thyroid support supplements, Natural Cure Labs’ Thyroid Support is also vegan. The capsules utilize a coconut-based carrier oil and vitamin D3, sourced not from wool but from lichen, all enclosed in a vegan capsule providing higher than average bioavailability, meaning it is more easily absorbed and used in the body.

Finding vegan-friendly thyroid support products can be difficult but Natural Cure Labs goes above and beyond when it comes to quality and accessibility, ensuring that their Thyroid Support supplements are also non-GMO and gluten-free so they are suitable for a larger variety of customers.

Natural Cure Labs’ attention to detail and meticulous ingredient research has garnered them glowing customer feedback, as well as industry recognition, recently winning “Company of the Year – Health Products and Services” and “Product Development Executive of the Year” during the 2020 American Business Awards.

Natural Cure Labs’ groundbreaking Thyroid Support supplements are currently available for sale through major online retailers, including

Natural Cure Labs is an award-winning manufacturer of dietary supplements. The company is committed to producing responsible, trustworthy, and quality supplements that enable individuals to live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. The immune-focused formulas are manufactured in the USA using premium vegan and non-GMO ingredients based on published medical literature. To learn more about Natural Cure Labs’ dedication to quality and research, please visit

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