Natural Environmental Solutions, Inc. Acquires, With the Goal of Easily Bringing Natural Based Pesticides to Consumers

Public Knowledge of Toxic Chemicals & Harmful Metals Becomes a Benefit for Pesticides that Meet EPA’s Rules to Qualify as a Minimum Risk Pesticides.

NEW CENTURY, Kan., Feb. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Natural Environmental Solutions, Inc., has gone forward to expand minimum risk pesticides based three patent and patent pending products it has developed based on simple approaches that targets a species or group of species. With the understanding how mice, rats, toxic blue green algae and zebra mussels take advantage of environments that start out as acceptable habitats to an environment that is inviting because of authorities’ lack of understanding or negligence.

Blue Green Algae Blooms are cyanobacteria, causing a foul-smelling bacterium observed to kill aquatic life making animals and humans sick, with some occurrences of death. To naturally control the blooming is a simple task using human consumed ingredients, based on EPA Minimum Risk Pesticide qualifications. Our formulation slows blooming activity within an hour after sprinkling the dry product the blooms, reducing the toxic odor that it produces. Hypothesis has been developed that most lake closings because of Blue Green Algae Blooms are because of residents excessively feeding or fertilizing in the area near the shoreline but more as a result of state-controlled fish feeding stations. If the hypothesis goes forward as a theory that universities and EPA follow through on based on EPA “Nutrient Criteria Technical Guidance Manual, Lakes and Reservoirs” the need for a product such STOP Blue Green Algae or lake closings will be needed less.

Morgan’s Repellent Mice & Rats has the greatest financial impact as well as health impact in the area of Minimum Risk Repellents. The effectiveness of using high percentages of active ingredients of 20% or more and not 1% to 5% was demonstrated December 2022. The setting was an 1800 square foot retail warehouse, storing birdseed, hay, straw and other building materials. Products used before because of fear of dead mice being in retail products when consumer took home included scented repellents with 1% to 5% active ingredients of unknown quality of fragrance. Using Morgan’s Repellent Mice & Rats, 139 mice were video recorded running out of the area in 7-days, while employees performed their daily task of restocking and retrieving retail materials.

To celebrate obtaining Natural Environmental Solutions, Inc., Minimum Risk Pesticides and acquiring, offering a coupon “PressRelease”, toward Morgan’s Repellent Mice & Rats: G (Garlic scent), good until June 1st, 2023. “PressRelease” reduces the three packages of the offer from $29.91 to $20.00. When used as directed for indoor use, testimonials state to last 90 days or more. This is enough to treat a 20′ x 20′ x 8′ high area or smaller, (specifically formulated for attics, sheds, crawlspaces, feed storage and chicken coops).

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Clyde Morgan

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