New American Infinity Flag Honors the Democratic Ideals of the Founding 13 Colonies

SANTA ROSA, Calif., June 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A new American Infinity flag design is now available from The patriotic design has 13 stars honoring the United States’ founding colonies and 3 stripes representing the branches of the federal government. The design wraps on an infinity symbol signifying the perpetual adaptation of the U.S. Constitution with amendments over the ages. The American infinity flag is also a visual homage to the United States national march "Stars and Stripes Forever" by John Phillip Sousa.

"We redesigned the American Infinity flag with 13 stars to show our faith in the eternal ideals of democracy," said company president John Rose.  "Our current number of 50 states can change as there are strong proposals to recognize statehood for taxpayers lacking a representative vote in Congress. 

The new American Infinity flag design is available on clear stickers perfect for car windows and on t-shirts and hats at Special discounts for school groups fundraising for educational field trips to Washington D.C. are available. All profits are donated to nonpartisan journalism, pro-democracy groups, and civics education. Email to for discounts for qualifying groups.

Liberty Cookies also promotes #BakeForAmerica, where patriotic Americans are encouraged to bake and give cookies to their neighbors as a friendly way to build community, register new voters, and find common ground and shared values. "Liberty Cookies was inspired by supply ship production during WW2," said Rose. "Dozens of shipyards built thousands of Liberty ships defeating fascism with an overwhelming flow of troops and supplies. We hope to do the same with #BakeForAmerica and a showing of faith in our democratic ideals.  For a 20% discount on T-shirts and stickers to show your faith in America, use coupon code BAKEFORAMERICA on orders placed by July 4, 2022 at"

Rose operated a small bakery where he developed his cookie recipes. The bakery is closed and Liberty Cookies now outsources production of cookies and merchandise with U.S. based manufacturers.

John Rose 
Liberty Cookies, Inc 

SOURCE Liberty Cookies PAC