New Cannabis Podcast “…But What Do I Buy” Launches to Help Clarify Cannabis Confusion and Guide Consumers to Find Products to Enhance Their Lives

LOS ANGELES, May 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The rapid growth of the cannabis industry and the surge of expanded product categories and new brands has created an oversaturated marketplace with increased consumer confusion about what exactly to buy. The newly-launched podcast “…But What Do I Buy?” seeks to address the convergence of these problems by offering ‘budtender style’ cannabis conversations on the go.

Taped from Venice, CA, “…But What Do I Buy?” is founded and hosted by branding and marketing expert Samantha Dickinson, who formerly spent over 20 years in the wine industry and saw endless consequences of how consumer confusion plays out in the market. 

Available on Apple and Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, and most other podcast directories, “…But What Do I Buy?,” features interviews with leading industry experts, including Dr. Adie Rae, Dr. Dave Rabin, and Gina Gault, to explain the basics of the cannabis market, as well as with brand owners to review their products and learn why a consumer would choose one over the other. The podcast covers a wide spectrum of essential cannabis topics, from ‘How to Shop for Quality THC’ to ‘How Many Different Ways Can We Consume Cannabis?’ and introduces a wide range of brands and products.

“Consumers aren’t comfortable or clear on how to navigate their way through all the choices, and budtenders are currently being expected to be everything a consumer needs in a tiny window of 10 minutes at the counter,” says Dickinson. “My goal is to empower the consumer and take some pressure off the retailer. The podcast medium is ideal because it provides an easy and entertaining way for listeners to get a few ah-hah lightbulbs while driving, cooking dinner, or whenever it’s convenient for their busy lives!”

Before launching “…But What Do I Buy” podcast and working in cannabis through her branding agency, Creating Cannabis Brands, Dickinson spent years representing wines from the world’s biggest producers, to family wineries and has told the story of these wines over 10 course meals in fine dining restaurants, and over SlimJim displays at convenience stores. Dickinson has a keen understanding how brand decisions play out at different levels of the supply chain and in front of the consumer.

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