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SELMER, Tenn., March 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ClearBags releases new products every month for new and creative packaging solutions.

With over 30 years of being in the packaging industry, ClearBags continues to launch new product lines and color themes. The new packaging options start with creative iridescent colored boxes in various sizes as well as new Home Compostable Child Resistant Bags. These two new lines expand existing product lines to push for more unique and sustainable packaging options.

Iridescent Boxes

Made of food safe, 12 mil high density PET material with an Iridescent finish, Iridescent Boxes were designed to stand out. ClearBags Iridescent Boxes can hold baked goods, candles, crafts, pet supplies, ornaments, cocoa bombs, cosmetics, and more. For shipping and storage convenience, these boxes lay flat. To assemble, many of the Iridescent Boxes have Pop-and-Lock technology that allows for quick assembly. The rest of the boxes have a soft fold feature, which means the boxes are pre-creased, and are just as easy to put together. These boxes are ideal for retail, markets, gifts, favors, and any other occasion.

Home Compostable Child Resistant Pouches

Home Compostable Child Resistant Stand Up Pouches are ASTM certified child resistant and are a perfect packaging solution for dispensaries or pharmacies. These Stand Up Pouches are made from a proprietary blend of materials that are food safe and heat sealable. Safely package edibles, pills, medicinal herbs, infused products, pharmaceuticals, and more. These unique Child Resistant bags are home compostable, and will break down completely in the proper composting environment. The child resistant zipper requires two hand dexterity to open and instructions are pre-printed on the inner flap for customer convenience. Ideal for the retail environment, each bag comes with a round hang hole and tear notches for convenient display and use. These Child Resistant Pouches also have a high barrier coating that keeps moisture and oxygen out and freshness and odors in.

About ClearBags

An innovative packaging seller for 30 years, ClearBags offers the widest range of high-quality, product packaging solutions that ship and store flat with low minimums for customization, ease of ordering, speed of delivery, and the support of packaging experts. Explore and learn more about how ClearBags is empowering businesses of all sizes with memorable, and affordable packaging for their year-round needs.

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