Organic Collagen Australia Converts Organic Bovine By-Products into High-Value Consumer Goods

The Aussie Collagen Brand’s Growing Line of Supplements and Skincare Products Come From a Deep Devotion to Sustainability and Animal Welfare

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Collagen is a popular dietary supplement that helps maintain healthy skin, joints, muscles, hair, nails, and bones. The popularity of collagen peptides as a health tool has increased the value of the collagen industry, which surpassed $9 billion in 2022 alone.

As more companies amp up their collagen production, though, top-tier collagen brands are taking advantage of the growing interest in collagen to create their products at the expense of the environment. This, in effect, prioritizes individual health at the expense of the planet. Organic Collagen Australia has taken a different approach — one that prioritizes people, the Earth, and even the animals that are providing the collagen itself.

“Years of research and determination to make an ethical product has led us here,” explains Organic Collagen Australia co-founder and COO Fiona Dobbrick, “We’re proud to be able to say that we’re the only company of our kind in the world. We have invested years of our time and millions of dollars into creating a product that supports the health of the planet alongside our own. In fact, we’ve gone a step further by converting a waste problem into a high-value, unique consumer product range.”

The reference to by-products refers to the fact that Organic Collagen Australia’s products come from cow hides. Dobbrick emphasizes the fact that these are certified organic animals that have been pasture-raised (she clarifies this as an important distinction from merely “grass-fed”) and have already been processed for their meat.

At that point, the skin becomes a by-product. The outer layer can be processed into leather, but the inner portion, which is rich in collagen, becomes waste. Sourcing clean animal hides allows Organic Collagen Australia to create healthy collagen products that have minimal impact on the environment. In addition, this is done using the brand’s cutting-edge, energy-efficient proprietary technology.

The result is a manufacturing process that turns bovine byproducts into pure, organic, high-value collagen and collagen-based dietary and skincare products. It creates value from waste without impacting the Earth as a side effect.

“By choosing a certified organic collagen, like ours,” Dobbrick declares, “people are actively and empathically supporting the environment, sustainability, animal welfare and the health and well-being of people around the world. They aren’t just shopping based on the label. They’re supporting a truly sustainable future, for themselves and their environment.”

About Organic Collagen Australia 
Organic Collagen Australia was launched in 2022 after co-founders Fiona Dobbrick and Michael Buckley years had spent five years and $4 million investing in R&D, including scientific validation, technological development, and testing. OCA is a top-shelf Australian health and wellness brand committed to sustainability and animal welfare and built around using waste problems to create high-quality solutions to consumers’ needs. This starts with its line of pure collagen supplements with elite essential amino acid profiles and includes other dietary supplements as well as a range of skincare products. Organic Collagen Australia is proudly “better for you, better for animals, better for the environment. Just Better.” Learn more at

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