Pet Acoustics Launches the First Free Home Pet Hearing Test for Dogs and Cats

NEW YORK, March 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Pet parents can now safely see how well their dog or cat can hear in just 1 minute. Designed for all pet ages, the Pet Acoustics Home Pet Hearing Test is an easy, interactive way to observe if your pet has full hearing, partial hearing or hearing loss. Dogs and cats depend on their acute hearing throughout their lives, which is why it is important for pet parents to know the status of their pet’s hearing ability for well-being.

Pet Acoustics has simplified the science of pet hearing into three key ranges; high, middle and low frequency hearing. This test is the first of its kind, developed by Sound Behaviorist and Founder of Pet Acoustics, Janet Marlow.

How it works

  • Sign up on to start the free Pet Acoustics Home Pet Hearing Test
  • Click on each audio test
  • Mark your pet’s observable reaction after playing each sound.
  • The survey test takes one minute to complete.
  • You’ll be emailed the test results which you can share with your veterinarian.

"As pet parents, we often learn that our senior has lost hearing after we’ve observed behavioral changes or unsure if our young kitten is hearing. Veterinary testing machines can be costly and jingling sounds offers little information. At any time of their life, a dog or cat’s hearing abilities can change and affect behavior. That’s why Pet Acoustics developed this easy, science-based test for pet parents to know for sure!" Janet Marlow, Founder of Pet Acoustics, Sound Behaviorist.

Pet parents who have completed the Home Pet Hearing Test offer these comments from their experience.

"This was fun to do and great to know that my dog has hearing health." – Jenny

"I was amazed to see how my cat’s ears moved in so many directions during the test. The results confirmed 100% hearing!" – Barry

"My senior’s result shows high frequency hearing loss. I’ll be making an appointment with my vet." – Monica

The Pet Acoustics Home Pet Hearing Test works from any device, takes one minute to do and is free, easy and fun. Safely try this easy hearing test on your dog or cat by clicking here.

About Pet Acoustics
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