Features Weekly New Collections for its Streetwear Store

NEW YORK, Dec. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Online store features new styles weekly in its collections of quality streetwear. Many of the designs are inspired by ancient Asian cultures and created by independent designers. is a retailer of premium independent designer apparel and has become the place to go – the leading streetwear platform for edgy fashion, unique design features and premium quality.

"We were obsessed with streetwear growing up," says CEO Jack Li. "We couldn’t wait for the newest releases; but we soon noticed that the quality of the clothes – both in terms of comfort and durability – did not match up to the price point.  We decided that streetwear deserves quality and from that point on this became our focus, our customers can shop with complete peace of mind, confident that PROJECTISR guarantees quality."

The company has developed a 47-point standard to ensure that it always offers its customers the ‘best of the best’ products in each week’s collection with standards proscribed for design, fabric, construction and reliability. Each collection also has its own unique character.

The UNDERWATER® Brand, for example, focuses on clothing that people would wear in a post-apocalyptic world, using the simplest colors as a basis for its designs, which convey a message through unique visual textures.

"My personal favorite is the Frost Grey oversized sweater," says Jack. "This piece is inspired by the layer of frost found on outdoor surfaces on winter mornings; the designer used a blend of light and dark gray to simulate a visual texture of frost attached to the sweater."

The Boneless collection, on the other hand, epitomizes the elegance that results from a lack of over designing. The clothes in this collection stand out, without exaggerated design.

A quick look at PROJECTISR’s site immediately gives visitors an impression of the stylish – and very different – designs of each collection. Visit today and see what this innovative new company has to offer.

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