Rapid-Ease Uses the Healing Powers of Arnica

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Rapid-Ease Pain Relief Cream is a quickly growing brand in the U.S. health and wellness marketplace. Its unique formula includes several potent ingredients such as Comfrey leaf, MSM, organic Menthol, and Peppermint oil, all used at proven therapeutic levels. However, one of its greatest hero ingredients is Arnica. The mountainous flower has deep traditional history and is backed by strong scientific research. The brand’s unique use of Arnica in its topical treatments is one of the keys to its success, both as a pain reliever and a healing agent.

Arnica is one of those unique health and wellness ingredients that enjoys both veneration and statistical validation. It has been around as a medicinal solution for centuries. However, it isn’t just a folksy natural solution used out of a stubborn adherence to tradition. On the contrary, the medicinal value of Arnica, especially the key phytochemical Helenalin, has received an increasing amount of research and scientific validation over the years.

As with any herbal medicine, to get the most therapeutic benefit it is important that the herb has the right growing conditions, with the right extraction methods from the right part of the plant & is used in therapeutic doses.

The Rapid-Ease Pain Relief formula doesn’t just use any form of Arnica. The key substance is derived from the Arnica montana flower, which, as the name implies, grows in pristine mountainous conditions.  It utilizes a specific version of the ingredient that is extracted through a hydroalcoholic tincture process. Then, the herbal extract is scientifically tested to ensure optimal levels and to prove purity & efficacy.

It’s a point that the founder of Rapid-Ease, Kim Davies-Haycock, puts a great amount of stress on pointing out. The entrepreneur explains that this particular process "is one of the few sources of the rare valuable phytochemical Helenalin." 

The final part is to ensure that the herbal extracts are used at therapeutically beneficial levels, not at highly diluted or undetectable dosages. In fact, Rapid-Ease contains over 700% more Arnica flower than common homeopathic Arnica creams or gels.  Davies-Haycock adds that this tincture should never be ingested or used on open wounds. However, when used topically, it can have a powerful healing effect through a variety of factors.

For example, the Helenalin and other phytochemicals provided by Arnica can:

  • Act as an immune stimulant, leading to a faster healing response.
  • Help maintain the fluid balance in cells and stop oxidative damage.
  • Lower pain levels through analgesic properties.
  • Accelerate the removal of waste from an injury and reduce bruising and swelling.
  • Speed up cellular repair by improving fluid inflow to an injured area.

All of this works together to speed up the cellular healing process, particularly during the first phase of healing. By including it in the formula, Rapid-Ease is able to immediately go to work managing the initial damage from a strain, sprain, bruise, or other common injuries.

In other words, the early-stage improvements facilitated by Arnica — and especially its native Helenalin — doesn’t just reduce pain. It actively manages the initial damage caused by soft tissue injury and trauma – and speeds your natural healing process.

From regulating blood flow, stimulating the immune system, and maintaining fluid balance, Arnica brings a unique variety of healing properties to the Rapid-Ease formula. While it is just one of several critical natural ingredients in Rapid-Ease that support pain relief, repair and healing, there’s no doubt that this potent form of the ancient medicinal herb is a driving force behind Rapid-Ease’s efficacious effect, supporting the brand’s goal "to help you heal – naturally".

About Rapid-Ease: Rapid-Ease is the American offshoot of the New Zealand-based enterprise Nature’s Nurse. The company was founded by Kim Davies-Haycock over 15 years ago and specializes in using 100% natural ingredients to create effective topical pain relief remedies that are effective, fast working, safe, and natural.

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