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NEW YORK, Feb. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A human skull is just one of the fascinating items up for grabs on this engaging auction site. At any given time, you will find everything from a 4000-year-old Terracotta jug to 1950s mugshots to an actual handwritten letter from serial killer Richard “The Night Stalker” Ramirez.

Launched by the son of MORBID CURIOSITIES author Paul Gambino, the macabre auction site has just hit the growing weird-items-online-auction-landscape. For all of you asking, “Is it legal to buy and sell a real human skull in the United States?” The answer is yes! Unless you live in Tennessee, Georgia, or Louisiana, then it is off-limits. 

“Although all the items that come up for auction on the site are legal, many of the more mainstream auction platforms shy away from these artifacts, and we completely understand. You don’t want to have a beanie baby collection on one page and an authentic Dayak Mandau headhunter sword on the next. By the way, that item is presently on the site. The sword, not the beanie babies.”

Here a person can list one item or 100, and there is no charge to post. What is one person’s nightmare is another person’s holy grail! When Monette’s brother died, she inherited the skull her brother received in medical school. Although she loved her brother, she was not too in love with the skull. It found its way to

Presently there is no charge for listing an item on the site, and the site only takes 10% of the sale, as opposed to other specialty auction sites that take as much as 24%. “You have to show appreciation to the people who are willing to come aboard early in the game, and we feel allowing them to make the most money on the sale while the site still being able to pay its bills…well, almost pay its bills, is the least we could do.”

The site was created by a fellow collector of the macabre and knows the subtleties, sensitivities, and what can and cannot be posted on such a platform. The goal is to create an auction site where the serious curator can find his holy grail and inspire the casual collector to take his collection to the next level.

Head to if you dare!

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