Real Life Lightsabers Are Being Made by DynamicSabers

BOSTON, Dec. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The company DynamicSabers (also styled as “Dynamic Sabers”) is making real life lightsabers available to fans of the ‘Star Wars’ franchise. The company’s product lineup boasts dozens of different lightsaber styles to fit the needs of their many fans. The company’s products are organized into collection tiers: Apprentice, Knight, and Master. This makes it easier for customers of DynamicSabers to find the lightsaber that is best suited for them. Within their extensive product lineup are different electronic components or “cores” that can be selected for each lightsaber. These cores are what makes the company’s products truly unique, and are also what makes them so realistic.

The lightsabers sold by DynamicSabers come in two different core types: RGB baselit and neopixel. The neopixel core type is further divided into standard neopixel and proffie neopixel, with the proffie version being the most realistic type you can get into. The company’s RGB baselit and neopixel cores are very different. RGB baselit lightsabers utilize a light from within the saber’s hilt (or handle) that projects into the blade. This light’s color can also be changed, which thus changes the blade color. In addition, RGB baselit lightsabers have synchronized visual and sound effects, which includes flash-on-clash, a lock-up-loop, and deflection noises. On the other hand, the neopixel cores of DynamicSabers behave very differently. Rather than being lit by a light within the hilt, neopixel lightsabers are lit from within the blade itself. Within the neopixel blade are 50-watt LED strips. This allows for perfectly even illumination of the lightsaber blade, making it as realistic as in the movies. Furthermore, each of these LEDs can be individually controlled, resulting in a nearly infinite number of visual and sound effects. The neopixel lightsabers from DynamicSabers are the most realistic real-life lightsabers that you can get into. Both the company’s RGB baselit and neopixel lightsabers utilize durable polycarbonate blades, which allows for dueling.

DynamicSabers is proud of its extensive product lineup, and continues to produce more and more lightsaber styles. The company has grown in popularity, boasting a large social media following, and it looks forward to the future ahead for the lightsaber industry. Those looking to learn more and browse their products can do so at

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