Rising Streetwear Brand PROJECTISR.com Launches Weekly New Releases

NEW YORK, Feb. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — PROJECTISR.com, a fashion e-commerce company with a focus on streetwear/urban wear, has announced that it will be releasing new streetwear and urban wear collections on a weekly basis moving forward. Each new collection will feature anywhere from eight to ten new styles.

Like thousands of kids from all over the world, the founders at PROJECTISR.com were obsessed with streetwear growing up. Founders Jack Li and Yishan Wang would follow every hype release, both online and in-store. Over time, the duo began to notice that the quality of the clothes they were buying did not match the hype, nor the price. They found that many of the fabrics used in the streetwear space did not feel great, and some items did not last beyond several washes. 

Seeking a change, the pair launched PROJECTISR.com as a platform to introduce brilliant ideas from independent designers to the world. As a streetwear store, the PROJECTISR team’s motto has been "streetwear deserves better quality" from day 1, since their formation in 2018. The PROJECTISR team has spent sleepless nights to fulfill that promise. 

In an effort to guarantee the quality of its products and ensure that customers can shop the best looks with peace of mind, PROJECTISR invented and implemented a 47-point standard criteria. This criteria-based system helps the PROJECTISR team select only the best of the best products from the hundreds of items that are considered each week. 

UNDERWATER’s Frost Grey-colored oversized sweater was a highlight from this week’s drop. Inspired by the layer of frost that is visible in the early morning of winter, this item features a unique blend of dark gray and light gray to simulate the visual texture as if there is frost attached to the sweater. 

The Grim Reaper Necklace serves as the finishing touch of the drop. The necklace showcases the highest level of craftsmanship in UNDERWATER’s accessories thus far. 

"UNDERWATER does not rely on the use of excessive colors to convey its message, but uses the simplest colors and gives them unique visual textures through different techniques," said Li.

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PROJECTISR.com is a fashion e-commerce company with a focus on streetwear/urban wear. We select and provide the products we adore, love, and believe to have the best quality.

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Jack Li