SEPTEM Launches The Smallest Pure Titanium Camp Grill & Hotplate on Kickstarter

LONDON, Feb. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Following a successful KICKSTARTER campaign for the EATI | Anti Bacterial Titanium Utensil Multi-Tool. SEPTEM continues to focused on creating an ultra-light, incredibly durable camping necessity for backpackers, hikers, and all manner of outdoors people.

The SEPTEM titanium grill & hotplate is the lightest backpacking grills on the planet. It has been specifically designed to suit the needs of lightweight camping and bushcraft expeditions. It’s large enough to cook two steaks side-by-side but small enough to slide in your pack without taking up any valuable space. This is the perfect cooking unit for those looking to save on weight without compromising on quality. Every detail has been precisely engineered and constructed to ensure this grill will last you a lifetime.

Portable, Lightweight, And Convenient
Everyone loves a BBQ and other grilled foods when they’re camping. But cleaning, moving, and storing your grill is always a challenge. Often, a typical grill’s bulky size and general lack of storage space are obstacles for outdoor lovers.

Half Hotplate – Half Grill
Original design of SEPTEM Grill & Hotplate is to make the two versatile cooking methods on such a small grill plate. Two ways to cook the food you love, wherever you are.

Made from Titanium – Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Corrosion, Anti-rust
When titanium is exposed to air, an ultra-thin layer of titanium atoms interacts with the oxygen to create a nano-coating of titanium dioxide (Titania). Titania-based nano-composites subjected to light are remarkably effective in repelling microbial growth. In simple terms? This makes your food safer to eat, stay fresher, and taste better.

All Amazing Features

  • Lifetime Use
  • Easy to Clean
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Fire Resistant
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Non-corrosive
  • Durable

The campaign has already surpassed its original funding goals, and there is still time for consumers to be a part of the SEPTEM community at exclusive discount.

Visit SEPTEM on KICKSTARTER to learn more and get ready for your next adventure in the wilderness.

About SEPTEM Studio:

Specialist in design for real life, SEPTEM Studio is on a mission to create gadgets to save us time, hassle, and money. SEPTEM was established by a small London team who are passionate about bringing cool, sleek technology ideas to life, as well as striving to inspire others and foster an exploratory mindset. Their products include the world’s first titanium collapsible chopsticks,

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