Skin Care Company The A Method® Launches Pro-Age Campaign

LOUISVILLE, Ken., May 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The A Method® is a medical grade skincare line created by celebrity dermatologist Dr. Tina Alster and skincare formulation expert of over 25 years Angelia Inscoe. Together, they have taken a stance and shifted the brand’s “ethos” to a more “pro-age” message that encourages women to embrace beauty at any age. The brand’s goal is to bring a more positive approach to the idea of aging and convey that proper skincare is not about reversing time; it’s about caring for yourself and enhancing your natural features and beauty – because healthy skin is beautiful skin. Angelia, formulation expert behind the brand, says “As consumers, we are told to dislike our wrinkles. This prompts us to search for a product that helps tone them down a bit but deep down inside we know there is no way we can avoid getting them because it’s simply part of the natural course of aging.” While the signs of aging have become a negative term in the minds of many skincare users, The A Method strives to help create a culture that values healthy aging as a testament to strength, wisdom, and a life well-lived.

How The A Method® is shifting the “Ethos”

Director of Marketing for The A Method®, Caleb Lindsey adds, “Language shapes our thoughts, and our thoughts shape our identity. The words we choose to describe ourselves have the power to either empower or limit our sense of self and while it seems small, the effect of using words that uplift, inspire, and encourage rather than paint negativity in the mind about the self – can be immeasurable.”

While there is still a lot of space for the market to catch up, the brand is taking a stance and making changes in the way we think about aging:

  • Terms the brand is avoiding: Age-defying, youth-enhancing, ageless, turn back the clock, stop time, anti-aging, ageless

  • Terms the brand has shifted to: Radiance-boosting, skin-strengthening, skin-conditioning, vitality-boosting, skin-resilience, skin-brightening, skin-nourishing, the concept of inner beauty reflection and the promotion of healthy skin versus “youthful” skin

The A Method’s Mission:

  • To help women protect, maximize, and feel proud to showcase the health, vitality and beauty of their skin throughout their lives. Every wrinkle tells a story and every laugh line is a sign of a happy life!

  • To preserve and promote the health, vitality, and beauty of women through clean ingredients and unique formulations that simplify skincare with the goal of making it easier to care for your skin.

  • To see The A Method® as a dedicated team of skincare specialists here to help women (and men) improve their “self-talk” and empower their sense of confidence through the use self-care and healthier skincare habits.

Solutions for Spring & Summer Care

With spring finally here and the summer sun-season approaching, The A Method® recommends combing antioxidant skincare products with daily protection to avoid the harmful effects of free-radicals on healthy skin. To celebrate the warmer seasons, they’ve put together a curated selection of Vitamin C products along with their 100% Mineral-foundation powder sunscreen (SPF 50) for a sun-care routine that will boost glow and reinforce skin against prolonged sun exposure.

The Sun-Care Kit – $190 from

This curated selection of antioxidant formulas is designed to brighten complexion while providing potent defense against free radical damage from sun exposure, pollution and other factors. Each kit includes our “Clear” Protection Powder (SPF 50) Mineral Powder brush to provide reflective sun-protection throughout the day

Each Kit Includes:

Silky Vitamin C Cleanser: Antioxidant cleanser formulated with Vitamin C that leaves the skin clean, hydrated and silky-smooth.

C Glow Moisturizer: Antioxidant moisturizer formulated with 5% L-Ascorbic acid and Essential Oil of Tangerine.

C Antioxidant Gel 20%: Waterless antioxidant serum formulated with THD-Ascorbate for potent free-radical defense and skin balancing benefits

Protection Powder – “Clear” (SPF 50): 100% mineral powder sunscreen formulated with 5 organic minerals for reflective protection against sun pollution and other factors. Simple-to-follow and applicable in under five minutes – this routine will leave skin feeling refreshed, bright and ready for the day.

For more information about The A Method®, visit us online at  or call 1-877-746-4407. Follow us on Facebook & Instagram: @TheAMethod.

Contact: Janice McCafferty
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