Smart Sump Pump Latest IoT-enabled Device Engineered by Grid Connect

NAPERVILLE, Ill., Aug. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Grid Connect Inc. engineers have recently added the Wayne® Basement Guardian HALO—the world’s first smart home, Alexa-compatible sump pump—to their portfolio of work involving the manufacture of internet-connected devices and conversion of legacy industrial equipment into IoT machines.

"Speed to market was why we called on Grid Connect to be our IoT development team and manufacturing partner," said Eric Tinnemeyer, president of Scott Fetzer Consumer Brands, which owns Wayne. "We needed a partner who could work with us for a successful market-launch from idea to consumer research to store shelves in less than a year."

"The combined project team was able to incorporate Grid Connect’s smart power-sensing technology to build intelligence around our patented Air Switch, detect leakage current, and monitor starting capacitor inrush current," added Don Williams, vice president of engineering at Scott Fetzer Consumer Brands. "All of this intelligent design enables homeowners to monitor our sump pumps, so they can avoid having a flooded basement."

Homeowners can keep tabs on their pump via a mobile app developed by the Grid Connect team. A dashboard shows the pump’s operating history, activity, and conditions like the water level inside the sump pit and maintenance issues that could cause the pump to fail. Over time all sump pump’s electrical insulation and seals break down and a pump stops working. With the Grid Connect technology in the Basement Guardian HALO, homeowners see alerts in advance of trouble. Since Grid Connect’s IoT controller constantly analyzes electrical signatures from the pump’s components and predicts problems, homeowners know to replace the pump before a problem happens.

"The consumer research we conducted with Wayne informed our IoT engineering design and gave us a laser-beam focus to design the function and layout of the mobile app," said Adam Justice, chief executive officer of Grid Connect, Inc. "We built a system from the ground up by analyzing customers’ concerns and what would reassure them."

Research shows the Basement Guardian HALO appeals to three customer types:

  • For those who buy IoT-enabled sump pumps because they fear a basement flood, the Basement Guardian HALO brings peace of mind because it predicts failure in time for the customer to react.
  • For smart-home technology enthusiasts, the smart sump pump conveniently links to their mobile device and delivers notifications.
  • For data-hungry customers, the smart pump lets them check the pump’s real-time condition if, for example, they leave home and a weather forecast predicts flooding.

Homeowners can purchase the Wayne Basement Guardian HALO by visiting: Amazon or

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