Smell Proof Bags for Weed from Blackbox Goods Launches

TORONTO, May 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Blackbox Goods is pleased to announce the formal launch of The Vault, the world’s first carbon fiber stash box. These smell proof bags for weed offer unprecedented durability, protection and flexibility. The team informs that the product is shockproof, weatherproof, crushproof, impact proof, waterproof and slash proof.  

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“We are the experts in cannabis storage. When we launch a new product, it’s something new and never before seen yet incredibly unique and practical to all cannabis users. Our latest release, The Vault, a carbon fiber stash box, is a masterpiece in cannabis storage and perfect for novice to connoisseurs,” said Blackbox Goods spokesperson Philip Li.

The extraordinary protective properties of Blackbox Goods’ new product come from a special type of fabric with carbon fiber sheets infused between the fabric. Another feature of this smell proof case is a hard case capable of withstanding up to 50 pounds of crushing force. The product also offers extra large modular storage for larger compartmentalization. Also, users can purchase this Sezzle verified product with four interest-free easy installments.

The product range from Blackbox Goods also includes The Blackbox, their original smell proof stash box, a tough and portable bag that prevents all smells from leaking out. The outer shell of the product features the highest grade ballistic nylon construction for secure storage of anything from daily essentials to the most potent herbs. Just like The Vault, these smell proof containers for weed are also equipped with the company’s proprietary Smell Block™ technology making it 100% smell proof.

Blackbox Goods is disrupting the cannabis storage and accessory industry by creating new products utilizing advanced materials and construction methodologies that are never before seen in the industry. The company offers lifetime warranty on all its products.

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Blackbox Goods by Kulbi are the experts in cannabis storage. Using advanced materials like carbon fiber and ballistic nylon to bring high functional products with unparalleled protection to cannabis users – from beginners to connoisseurs alike.

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