Societal Launches Lifetime Affiliate Program Offering

LONDON, Sept. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Looking to earn extra income without a whole side hustle? Societal has launched a new lifetime affiliate program where participants can begin leveraging their websites, blogs, and social media outreach to earn 20% commission via online sales of products at, earn bonuses based on sales volume, and offer coupon codes to their audiences. 

Societal Founder Dean Jones said, “Profit is not something to add at the end but is something planned for in the beginning. The Societal Affiliate Program is geared towards building lucrative long-term partnerships with affiliates.”

“We are looking for affiliate partners with the desire and ability to spread the word about Societal.” explains Jones.

How it Works?

Affiliates must sign-up to join Societal’s Affiliate Program Online.

“Jones said, “We’re looking for individuals, bloggers and organisations with a connection to our target market to promote socially conscious clothing, eco-friendly clothing and organic clothing.”

All affiliates receive a unique referral link they can embed on their web pages, blogs, emails, and social media. Affiliates are then paid 20% when someone uses that qualified link to make a purchase. Additionally, once a purchase is made, affiliates will continue to receive 20% commission for all future purchases by that customer for life.

Qualified purchases are tracked automatically by Societal Store’s platform and affiliates can monitor their progress through their own web-based affiliate dashboard, giving them maximum control and the ability to track top referral sources. Other perks for Affiliates partners include regular communication and support from Societal’s affiliate team, as well as bespoke promotions and offers.

Why Societal?

Societal is a socially conscious eco-friendly clothing-brand. Our products and fabrics are sourced from ethical eco-brands and suppliers that comply to labor, environmental, and safety standards.

Dean said, “Fashion is one of the largest industrial employers of people worldwide, yet only an estimated 2% of fashion workers are paid a liveable wage. We want to change that, but we know one of the quickest way’s companies will change their practices is if their customers demand it. Societal has the respect and promotion of human rights at its core.”

1% of Societal’s sales profit is donated to causes that make the world a better place – so customers can look good and feel good, in the knowledge that their purchase has made a difference.”

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Contact: Dean Jones

Website: Https://

Telephone: 03301135980

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