SOCIETAL: The Clothing Brand Making Streetwear Political

LONDON, Jan. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — What one wears, how one wears it, and when one wears it constitutes expressions of degrees of social freedoms and influences. The new streetwear label Societal is selling a range of garments that highlight sociopolitical issues.

When the activist-minded UK-based fashion brand Societal launched less than 3 months ago, its founders questioned how much attention societal gave to issues of equal rights and political justice.

Societal‘s goal is to highlight social injustice through inspired art and community involvement, and their ambitions are grand.

“Imagine how empowering it would be to create clothing that addresses almost every social and environmental issue ranging from philosophy, political, human rights, and social challenges. With creativity, Societal aims to represent historical personalities and give a reformative voice to our planet.” Societal Founder DJ

As a graphic design-studio, Societal partners with artists to connect people with the new and next of political fashion, culture, and art. As an indie clothing brand, their apparel offerings include an expanding range of political t-shirts, hoodies, crop-tops, and more!

“We are not a faceless streetwear label; we live and breathe design and are committed to building a better world for all. Better for-profits, better for people, and better for our planet!” DJ

Societal are dedicating means to promote ethical-practices, advocacy, and activism to ensure their products are sourced from ethical-suppliers that comply with labor, environmental, and safety standards. 

“We’ve got to hold up the banner until every person has health care, we’ve got to hold it up until every child is lifted in love, we’ve got to hold it up until every job is a living-wage job and every person in poverty has guaranteed subsistence.” DJ

Societal does not believe in borders and embraces the idea of bringing together people from all around the world.

Societal Goal?

“To promote equal rights and justice for every human.”

What will happen when this goal is reached?

“The flowers will bloom and the pollution will go away. There will be fresh air and no pestilence. Man has created these things for experimental purposes to promote death and advance technology. But soon the earth will tilt on its axis and begin to dance to the reggae beat to the accompaniment of earthquake. And who can resist the dance of the earthquake, mon?” – Peter Tosh

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