SPINS and Makeena Partner to Provide Insights for Brands and Retailers

First-party data combined with direct consumer engagement for loyalty, discovery, and closed-loop verification across all retail channels

BOULDER, Colo., Aug. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Makeena, the cashback and rewards app that helps mission-driven shoppers and brands discover and engage with one another, today announced its strategic partnership with SPINS, the leading provider of wellness-focused data and analytics for the Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG) industry.

“This partnership is potentially really compelling,” said Alan Lewis, a 20-year veteran of the grocery industry. “The natural products industry already relies on SPINS to analyze product, brand, and category trends; it’s hard to overstate how valuable their data is. Adding hard data on individual shoppers who use the Makeena app could change the game: these are engaged and aware shoppers — exactly who we want as customers. Makeena’s ability to build deep relationships between brands and shoppers within a health-oriented community is unprecedented. Targeting promotions to those individuals and groups, while monitoring their responses in real-time, is extremely powerful.

“The combined strengths of SPINS and Makeena could bring the natural products industry something like true, closed-loop verification of marketing spends – not just which products are selling, but where, to whom — and even why,” he added.

For both established and emerging brands, the SPINS-Makeena partnership offers an opportunity to:

  • Access insights on retailer, brand, and product selection criteria at a granular level;
  • Replace the inefficient coupon process with discounts and offers directly from brand to the consumer through the Makeena app;
  • Build brand-specific loyalty programs that engage directly with the consumer;
  • Get real-time input on new and existing products; and
  • Provide a platform to take informed action and then measure the results of that action.

Additionally, retailers can:

  • Incent consumers with customized offers to bring them back into the store and increase basket size and Gross Merchandise Value (GMV); and
  • Build retail-specific loyalty programs that engage directly with the consumer.

“We are happy to announce our partnership with Makeena. Our belief in a shared mission and the harmony between our business models have led us to this exciting collaboration,” commented Kristin Litchfield, Vice President of Partnerships at SPINS. “Makeena’s commitment to uniting conscious consumers with brands that prioritize a healthier planet, coupled with our over two decades of increasing the availability and reach of such beneficial products, makes for a good match.”

In recent years, consumer demand has driven natural and wellness products to grow by 12.5%.

“We hope this partnership results in new insights which ultimately benefits the entire natural products supply chain by driving better-for-you choices further into the mainstream,” said Karen Frame, CEO and Founder of Makeena. “We’re elated to be partnering with the SPINS team and look forward to what we can accomplish together.”

About Makeena
Makeena is a cashback and rewards app connecting shoppers with “brands for good.” Available on iOS and Android, Makeena enables shoppers to buy eco-friendly, healthy products from any source, upload receipts, and then earn cash, freebies, and samples. Brands and retailers receive critical business analytics and shopper profile data to expand their presence in the market and increase business. makeena.com.

For over 20 years, SPINS has been a leader in recognizing the transformative power of data in retail. They offer clients cutting-edge tools to grow and stay competitive. A growing shift in the industry is the rise of values-oriented consumers: nearly half of shoppers prioritize products that emphasize health, wellness, social responsibility, and environmental awareness. Companies demonstrating ethical and sustainable practices are gaining market share. SPINS provides the industry’s most comprehensive data to train AI models and power machine learning algorithms, helping clients understand and meet consumers’ needs. Spins.com

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