Star Body Has the Midas Touch

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Nov. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Star Body wants to turn you into a shining star. The skincare company, lauded for its coffee oil-infused products, relies on more than just their consumers’ love of caffeine. Sure, caffeine is a naturally-occurring super antioxidant that, when used effectively, could be more nourishing for your skin than even the most popular CBD oil-infused products. Yet, this isn’t the only thing giving Star Body customers an extra glow. It’s the gold.

Each bottle of Star Body’s Espresso Oils contains a silver starfish charm. This starfish provides more than good luck. It ensures that you’ll look fresh and vibrant on the beach, by the pool, and anywhere under the sun. Before using a Star Body oil, shake the bottle and the silver starfish charm will distribute Star Body’s 24k gold mica throughout the bottle’s contents. The gold mica is especially effective on multicultural ashy tones and adds a shimmering hydrated quality to the skin.

Star Body’s Espress-O-Yourself potions are neither sunscreens nor tanning lotions. Instead, they are unique products that keep the skin fresh and golden, whether they’re used to provide extra shimmer at the beach or provide an invigorating layer of oil over tattooed skin that’s become a bit too dry. Star Body’s flagship product, the Espresso Body Bronzing & Beauty Oil, was launched at the Orlando Surf Expo in 2019. At that event, tattoo artists touted the oil’s ability to refresh patches of skin covered in tattoos. So, Star Body branded their own Tattoo Renew U Oil, which also comes with a 24k gold mica starfish or skull charm.

The company went on to brand their 24k Showered in Gold Collection, which offers individual products and bundles, available for purchase on their website – The collection includes Star Body’s Luxury Body Butter, Sugar Scrub, Shimmer Body Oil, and Body Bar. The 24 Karat Gold Body Bar contains a three-butter soap-base infused with glycerin and coconut oil. When combined, these substances form a hydrating, five-ounce bar that turns bath time into a soothing sensual experience. The 24 Karat Whipped Body Butter product is an amalgamation of shea butter, cocoa butter, vitamin E, and jojoba oil that creates a smooth, velvety luxury body sensation. The Golden Goddess collection includes several gold mica-infused products with a free gold cosmetic bag, promises to be a highly desirable gift this Holiday Season.

With 24k gold mica in each product, Star Body’s potions make you look like a million bucks. When the tiny flakes of gold catch the light of the sun – our nearest star – they make you shine like the glowing god or goddess that you truly are. Other moisturizers and lotions might show you off in a good light, but the gold mica in these products will brighten you up. Rub these onto your skin and you just might become your very own Star Body. Never let anyone dull your Sparkle!


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