Stegmann’s Sustainable Men’s House Shoes Are Now Carried by J.Crew

ASHLAND, Va., Aug. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — This week, J.Crew® released a seasonal collection of Men’s House Shoes from footwear brand Stegmann Clogs. The 120-year-old brand is known for its handcrafted wool clogs and leather comfort shoes. Stegmann emphasizes sustainability throughout its production and sourcing. They’ve been making the house shoe for its loyal customers long before it was trending.

J.Crew® is carrying three of Stegmann’s men’s shoes online at®. The EcoWool Clog is available in two natural wool colors – Stonesheep and Juraschaf. These sustainably sourced heritage wools are native to alpine regions near Stegmann’s carbon-neutral productional facility in Tyrol, Austria. Paired with a renewable cork footbed, this footwear line may be one of the most sustainable in the world. Its production financially supports heritage sheep breeds and their farmers as a part of the brand’s species preservation initiative. The Stonesheep upper is a multi-tonal grey, made with wool from Tyrolean Stone Sheep of Austria and the Juraschaf upper is a rich dark brown, made from the wool of Juraschaf Sheep of Switzerland.

The Original 108 in Graphite is also featured in the J.Crew® lineup. The Original 108 Clog is Stegmann’s most popular men’s shoe. The seamless merino wool felt wraps the foot in comfort, while the anatomically shaped Stegmann Support Sole in cork/latex provides impressive support for feet and back.

"Stegmann shoes have an amazing design that contours to our arches and provides the right amount of support we deserve for all-day wear and tear. I personally love the metatarsal support when standing for long periods of time." – Dr. Bradley Schaeffer of TLC’s® "My Feet are Killing Me"

The minimal modern aesthetic of the brand’s shoes blends with both classic and boho styles. Here’s how some of our men’s bloggers style their Stegmann clogs:

  • John of @newenglandmenswear wears his Stegmann clogs at home while he works.
  • Nick of @nicksaysgo chills at home with his Stegmann shoes.
  • Dr. Bradley Schaeffer of TLC’s "My Feet are Killing Me" wears his Stegmann clogs to his podiatry office.
  • @ryancarano styles his Stegmann EcoWool shoes on vacation in Wisconsin.

"If there’s anything the pandemic taught us, it’s that comfort and quality are crucial when it comes to what we wear at home and beyond," says Stegmann USA President Andy Jacobs. "We’re really excited to partner with J.Crew® to introduce these styles to new customers as we head into fall."

See more images of the Ecowool & Original 108 Clogs from Stegmann here. 

More about Stegmann: Born and based in Austria, the Stegmann brand has been handcrafting wool felt comfort footwear since 1888. Famous for its iconic styling, seamless wool upper and contoured comfort sole, this timeless heritage brand is poised for growth in the US with fresh styles and finishes to bring sophisticated comfort to new admirers and loyal fans. For more information about Stegmann, visit

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