Study Reveals Moms Consider Face Coverings to Be an Ongoing Family Essential

NEW YORK, May 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Because of the COVID-19 pandemic face coverings have become part of our daily routine. We wear them to safeguard ourselves from others as well as to protect them from us. The masks shield us from not only the COVID virus but also from other airborne contaminants like pollen, smoke and those that cause colds and flus. Creative Home Ideas conducted a study to access short and long-term mask perceptions and to determine what people are looking for in face masks.

At the outset of the pandemic, Yaron Shemesh, CEO of Creative Home Ideas, immediately marshalled his company’s extensive resources to help provide masks for first responders and healthcare workers.  The company’s ability to connect global manufacturers to his home community which was being especially hard-hit by the virus meant a great deal to Shemesh. After nearly a year of providing helpful KN95 respirator masks wherever the company saw a need, Creative Home Ideas developed i-mask4u, a line of stylish, affordable, fashion-forward disposable masks, in response to the ongoing needs of the American family.

Creative Home Ideas wanted to thoroughly understand the thinking and expectations around mask-wearing for the future, so they hosted focus groups. These groups revealed that moms of school-age children believe that wearing a well-fitting disposable mask helps guard their children and themselves against continued outbreaks of the Covid-19 virus and, more thoughtfully, against cold and flu germs along with allergy-producing pollens and other impurities.  As such, moms are eager for their families to have access to those kinds of masks.  But the results also showed that ongoing use of face coverings will be influenced by fashion.  If available, moms will purchase masks that coordinate with clothing or express individual style. 

Partnering with the fashion brands for their home products, Creative Home Ideas created a line of stylish, affordable, disposable face coverings for adults from Nautica, Juicy CoutureJessica Simpson,   French Connection, and Laura Ashley. Colorful girls’ and boys’ disposable face masks also available from Juicy Couture, Nautica, and Laura Ashley brands.

According to Yaron Shemesh, CEO of Creative Home Ideas, “Our research showed that people believed that face masks are a positive health development. The respondents also said that they would continue wearing face masks, even after the pandemic has ended, because they keep us healthy by protecting us from not only viruses but pollens and other impurities as well. When asked do you wear masks to protect yourself, others, or both, 100% of the focus group indicated both. When asked what they were looking for in face coverings, the responses scored high for positive company reviews and recommendations along with good prices and free shipping.”

Many of the focus group moms surveyed said that they want to be protected and to protect their families, so they shop for masks about once a month. They did not like cleaning masks and preferred the disposable face masks from trusted brands because they considered them to be safer and more convenient. To them, the fit is also important along with a refundable guarantee. “Taking all of this into consideration we developed i-mask4u.” Shemesh continued. “We offer comfortable adult disposable KN-95 masks along with fashionable designer 3-ply disposable masks for men and women.  These fashion masks combine the need for safety with trendy colors and prints from trusted brands. They look like fabric masks but do not require the upkeep. Just wear them and toss them.”

Study participants admitted confusion about KN95s, who should wear them, and how to discern quality products over cheaper, potentially inferior masks. The i-mask4u KN95 personal protective masks are a secure fitting filtering face mask that captures over 95 percent of bacterial microns and particulates in the air. In addition to their superior defense against virus contamination, these KN95s are ergonomically shaped so that they do not feel claustrophobic and do not press against the wearer’s mouth when talking. Layer a colorful fashion face mask over a KN95 face mask to change up your image. An extensive social media campaign is underway to educate and inform consumers on the benefits of KN95 masks.

Use the designer fashion face masks to mix and match with wardrobe prints or add a splash of color to a neutral outfit.  Select a design that coordinates with your wardrobe or expresses your mood. Be bold on some days and serene on others. Layer a colorful fashion mask over a KN95 face to change up your image. The “mix, mask, style” is all up to you!

The 3-ply disposable fashion face masks for adults and children are sold 10 per pack and include a handy resealable travel package to keep them clean. Each fashion pack has five print and five solid masks. One-size-fits-most as they are made to expand to cover from your nose to your chin, have comfortable ear loops and have an adjustable nose clip. Although designed with technical specifications, they are not a medical product. Receive a free KN95 facemask for every adult designer fashion face mask purchased so you can layer them together for added protection.

Ordering is easy from the i-mask4u website. Orders ship within 24-48 hours from the USA and offer a money back “fit or forget it” guarantee.

Contact: Cathy Lloyd
The Media Matters, Inc.

SOURCE Creative Home Ideas

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