SYLVOX Vision Launches Its 15.6-Inch Smart Kitchen TV That Saves Counter Space and Helps to Prepare Meals Faster

LOS ANGELES, March 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The new SYLVOX Vision 15.6 inch Smart Kitchen TV has a 178-degree ultra-wide screen that swivels 360 degrees making it easier for you to watch cooking videos at any angle so you can create fast gourmet meals anytime without missing a step.

The TV is the ideal solution for small kitchen spaces. Its uniquely compact design can fold down and fit under an upper cabinet, saving valuable counter space when not in use.

“Unlike other TVs, it’s specifically designed just for the kitchen. With its unique design, innovative patents, product functions, and fashionable appearance, our new TV brings users convenience and fun during the entire cooking process,” said SYLVOX Vision Marketing Manager Rebecca Zhang.

You’ll also never miss your favorite shows while preparing meals in the kitchen.

“The product is beautiful, compact, and intelligent and can make your kitchen activities more efficient and enjoyable. It’s also one of the most advanced TV systems out there, which is equipped with all the intelligent functions you will ever need in the kitchen,” said Zhang.

The SYLVOX Vision 15.6-inch Smart Kitchen TV comes with a high definition 1080P picture resolution that combines with color saturation, and contrast technologies to create excellent and more vivid video images.

The TV has a 60Hz video frame rate which refreshes images faster per second for smoother picture screen quality. The TV also includes built-in high-quality speakers so crystal-clear audio can be heard throughout the kitchen.

The TV comes with other advanced features such as an Android 11 operating system, casting capabilities from smartphones or other devices, and an IP66 waterproof remote control. With it, you can easily browse intelligent functions.

The remote control comes with a storage box and suction cups that can be attached anywhere without worrying about water or oil stains.

With the Smart Kitchen TV, it’s also easy to download apps and watch media streaming services such as Google Play, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Vudu, Pandora, etc.

The SYLVOX Vision 15.6 inch Smart Kitchen TV is easy to install and use. All you need is a screwdriver to install a specially designed fixed bracket to the bottom of a cabinet and then connect it to Wi-Fi.

Planning meals is easy. The TV’s timer alarm functions allow you to control cooking time for a better and more efficient cooking plan.

“The kitchen TV has a beautiful and fashionable look. The exterior of its simple design is painted with fine white trim. The 36 mm ultra-thin body is ultra-light weighing only 3.5 kg. It looks like a piece of art attached to the bottom of a cabinet,” said Zhang.

Whether you want to browse YouTube while making coffee or watch the morning or evening news while cooking, the new SYLVOX Vision 15.6-inch Smart Kitchen TV is always a good choice.

The SYLVOX 15.6 inch Smart Kitchen TV is available at the SYLVOX Vision Store, the SYLVOX Vision Amazon Store, Walmart,, and

“In short, this is a beautiful, compact, intelligent, safe, and space-saving TV perfect for the kitchen. It will make your kitchen activities more efficient and enjoyable,” said Zhang.

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