Taipei Fashion Week SS22 Leads Audiences Through Taiwan’s Fashion History With “Fashion of Our Time” and Announces Annual Taiwan Fashion Design Awards Winners

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Oct. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On October 6th, Taipei Fashion Week officially launched "Fashion of Our Time," an exhibition that leads audiences through over half a century of Taiwans fashion memories through real-world scenes and photo stories. It will also feature original works by well-known Taiwanese designers, presenting how the different eras have affected the domestic fashion industry and how fashion manifested in Taiwan during these times. Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, the Fashion of Our Time exhibition spans from the 1950s, which was the golden age of Taiwans textile industry, all the way through to the modern era. Through the reproduction of historic scenes, fashion displays, and descriptive columns, viewers will be able to better understand the history of the Taiwanese fashion industry, as well as its cultural and aesthetic contexts.

"Fashion designers of different generations, in the face of challenges during various times and the increasing intensity of international market competition, have always maintained an unstoppable enthusiasm for fashion," said Florence Lu, Curator of Taiwan Fashion History.

The theme curation of Fashion of Our Time invites exhibitors to travel through space and time to return to previous eras of Taiwanese fashion. From the cornerstone textiles industry in the 1950s to todays age of digital transformation in fashion media, the exhibition showcases how local designers and brands have and continue to use fashion to define the role of Taiwan in global culture.

As well as the launch of its Fashion of Our Time exhibition, Taipei Fashion Week also held its 35th annual Taiwan Fashion Design Awards event hosted by the Industry Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affair on October 6th. From nearly 450 participants from across 18 countries spanning Europe, America, and Asia, 12 fashion rookies were featured at the events dynamic show stage. The first-place prize went to Gajadeera and Ruwanthi Pavithra from Sri Lanka for their work "Sustainable Fashion/Textile and Traditional Crafts". Second-place prizes went to Yeh, Yu-Hsiens work "Mirage" and Chen, Ching-Lin’s "Where have all flowers gone."

Taipei Fashion Week is running from now through Sunday, October 17th. In addition to the physical show, Taipei Fashion Week is also live-streaming the event on its official YouTube page

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