The Challenges of Dog Walking when Pregnant – Solved by Leashrr

DENVER, Aug. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As a dog mom, your fur baby holds a special place in your heart, providing unconditional love and companionship. However, the task of managing your dog’s walks can become challenging when you’re pregnant or have a new baby. That’s where Leashrr comes in – the only, all-purpose dog leash specifically designed for the safety and convenience of moms-to-be and new moms.

Dog Walking During Pregnancy – Made Safer:

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, but it also brings significant physical changes that can affect your daily activities. Handling a strong, pulling dog during walks becomes particularly problematic during pregnancy when your center of gravity shifts, and you become more susceptible to losing balance and getting injured. Leashrr’s innovative no-pull bungee design is a game-changer for pregnant dog moms. Acting as a shock absorber, it effectively mitigates the impact of sudden lunges from your dog, ensuring that the force of the pull is dispersed. This reduces the risk of you getting pulled off balance and potentially injured, prioritizing both your safety and that of your unborn child.

Dog Walking with A New Baby – Made Easier:

Once your baby arrives, your hands are often occupied with carrying the baby or pushing a stroller. Leashrr addresses this challenge with its clever design that includes multiple clips and rings that can be used to convert the leash to a hands-free leash. By securing the leash around your waist, you can enjoy a hands-free dog-walking experience. The size of the waist leash can be easily adjusted to accommodate any post-partum size, providing both comfort and convenience. With both hands available, you can focus on attending to your little one’s needs while still giving your furry friend the exercise and attention they deserve.

Moreover, the clips and rings can be utilized to attach poop bags or secure your dog to a fixed location, granting you peace of mind as you supervise your baby at the playground or in any other situation.  If you meet up with another new mom and want some much-needed grown-up conversation, you can easily secure your dog at an outdoor café.  Leashrr offers the versatility to do wherever you want – no more need to have multiple leashes!

Dog Walking – Made Simpler, Safer and More Comfortable:

When you have a new baby to care for, simplicity is key. Leashrr’s sturdy collar clip is designed for easy one-handed attachment and detachment, allowing you to clip and unclip your dog with just one hand while keeping the other on the stroller. This thoughtful design ensures that you can effortlessly transition between dog walks and caring for your baby without any hassle.

With safety in mind, Leashrr comes with enhanced reflective stitching, ensuring that you and your furry companion remain visible in low-light conditions. This feature offers peace of mind and an extra layer of safety during early morning or late-night walks.

Leashrr understands that dog-walking situations can vary, so they’ve equipped their leash with four padded comfort handles for ultimate control. Whether you’re navigating through a busy downtown area or strolling through a park or on a country road, these neoprene handles allow you to adjust your dog’s proximity with ease. The combination of the no-pull bungee and the four padded handles empowers moms-to-be and new moms with a range of walking options, accommodating their specific needs and comfort levels.

The Perfect Gift for Expectant and New Moms:

As a pregnant dog mom or a mom with a new baby, you value simplicity, convenience, and safety. Leashrr emerges as the best all-purpose leash on the market, offering a wide range of benefits tailored to your specific needs. With its anti-pull bungee, hands-free versatility, comfort handles, easy collar clip, and enhanced reflective stitching, Leashrr empowers moms-to-be and new moms to enjoy stress-free walks with their canine companions. Simplify your life and prioritize your safety with Leashrr – the ultimate no-pull leash for moms on the go!  Available on Amazon PRIME or at

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