The Customer Loyalty Industry Gets a New, Groundbreaking Tool

CLA Announces the Launch of Inventory Advantage©

REDMOND, Wash., Dec. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —  Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) announced the launch of Inventory Advantage©,” the CLA App’s new groundbreaking inventory tool that seamlessly integrates inventory ROI strategy with the customer loyalty program.

“It’s a critical building block for inventory ROI strategy,” shared Alan Steinberg, CLA’s CEO and Marketing Director. “Inventory Advantage© adds a new layer of functionality to the CLA loyalty program, giving loyalty program managers a way to utilize their inventory more cost-efficiently.”

Inventory Advantage© availability

Inventory Advantage© is included in CLA’s “Complete” and “Complete Plus” subscription plans and is available for immediate download. See download instructions at

Loyalty program managers can use Inventory Advantage’s “promote inventory” option to add rewards to select inventory like seasonal or overstocked products that needs moving out fast, while simultaneously optimizing store inventory. The more rewards, the greater the buying incentive for customers.  

A couple of clicks pulls up the inventory promotion tool in the CLA app where merchants can easily select merchandise to earn additional rewards with each purchase. Loyalty members can also check their loyalty rewards accounts for updated purchase details and balances. 

In contrast, Inventory Advantage’s “exclude inventory” option excludes specific inventory such as low stock, high demand stock, or merchandise with narrow profit margins from the rewards program. This tool turns off rewards for select merchandise. 

In summary, store owners and loyalty program managers can now selectively “promote inventory” by ramping up rewards, and “exclude inventory” by holding back rewards. 

A win for merchants and customers

The CLA Inventory Advantage© feature is a win-win for both merchants and customers. Customers benefit from the greater rewards; Merchants benefit from quicker sales and maximized inventory revenue. 

“Inventory Advantage© is a critical piece to inventory ROI strategy like CRM is for your sales management. Having the ability to promote and exclude inventory in CLA’s rewards program makes Inventory Advantage© the new CRM for inventory,” further explained Steinberg.

Scott Goble, CLA’s CTO and VP of Engineering added, “Engineering this level of functionality in a customer loyalty program is a first, not only for the CLA app, but for the customer loyalty industry.”  

About the CLA App

CLA is the “Customer Loyalty Accelerator©” app, a simple-to-use, yet comprehensive customer loyalty program that builds customer loyalty fast and helps you maximize your inventory revenue.

What differentiates the CLA App? Its speed increasing customer loyalty, return visits and higher spending as well as its powerful functionality of unique tools, such as “CLA Instant Rewards©” and “Inventory Advantage©”. 

Customer Loyalty Accelerator, a division of Encore Enterprises, Inc., is a leading developer of instantly redeemable customer rewards programs.

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