The Health and Wellness Brand Channeling Slow Simmering, Ancestral Wisdom into a Fast-Paced, Modern Environment

Gelpro Australia Is Creating Accessible Supplements That Sustainably Utilize Mother Nature’s Best Healing Ingredients

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The modern, science-driven world has countless answers to many of humanity’s biggest problems. From healthcare to technology, scientists are discovering new ways to improve life every day. However, a genuine and effective application of modern science shouldn’t be used in a vacuum. It should be combined with the well-established wisdom of the past — especially when it comes to something as ancient as health and wellness. This is the philosophy that the creators of Gelpro Australia have had in mind from the very beginning of their brand.

“Gelpro Australia is a family-run health brand based on ancestral wisdom,” explains company CEO Nagib Kassis. Kassis himself stepped back from a high-flying life as a corporate executive over a decade ago when he was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. The young professional was informed that he would remain on NSAIDs indefinitely and could be facing joint replacements by his 30s. Nagib’s brother-in-law, Anthony, was facing his own personal health struggles. The kickboxer and muscle-training fanatic had hurt his shoulder and was facing a lengthy recovery timeline laced with cortisone injections and surgeries.

The siblings turned to the ancient wisdom of the past in search of a solution. “We knew we had nothing to lose,” explains Nagib, “so we started drinking homemade bone broth and massively increasing our collagen uptake. Our health began to improve, not just in the obvious areas, but all around.”

The discovery led the two brothers to develop their own line of elite collagen and whole food supplement products. From day one, the goal with each product formula was simple: to channel the slow-simmering ancestral wisdom of their forefathers into accessible products that fit into a busy modern lifestyle.

“Our products have been created to remind the world that our ancestors had most of the answers,” says Nagib, “In most cases, you can utilize the wonders of nature for your wellness journey.

Nagib clarifies that this doesn’t mean science is left out of the Gelpro approach. All of the brand’s formulations are backed by research and science. They use this as a way to reinforce the efficacy of their ingredients, all of which are sourced based on the wisdom of their ancestral heritage.

“We believe that natural ingredients have a strong place in the market,” Nagib emphatically declares, “None of our formulations use synthetic ingredients, fillers, or flowing agents, because we focus on ingredient quality. With Gelpro, we’re channeling the simple, effective, and natural health and wellness of past generations into a modern format that can improve any lifestyle.”

About Gelpro Australia

Gelpro Australia™ Pty Ltd is a family-run Australian health and wellness company that operates with a holistic approach to health and sustainability at the forefront of its brand philosophy. The company was founded by two brothers-in-law in 2014 after they individually went through their own health challenges and discovered the healing capabilities of natural, high-quality health solutions rooted in ancestral wisdom. Since its inception, Gelpro has become known for its robust line of top-shelf collagens and whole food supplements. The brand is recognized as a health and wellness market leader and educator in the Land Down Under. Learn more at

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