The Indian Brand Using the Oral Cavity to Streamline Nutrition

Soul Strips Is Improving the Bioavailability of Dietary Supplements by Delivering Them through Nutritionally-Packed, Hyper-Convenient Oral Strips

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Scientists have been aware for more than a century that the mouth isn’t just the beginning of the digestive tract. It’s also capable of absorbing nutrients on its own. Saliva helps to break down food, and buccal mucosa (i.e., cells in the lining of the mouth) absorb certain microscopic nutrients directly into the bloodstream.

Despite this knowledge, dietary supplements continue to primarily consist of pills, tablets, capsules, tinctures, and even gummies that are ingested past the mouth in seconds. From there, they take the long way around, entering the esophagus and stomach before being absorbed via the small intestines. Apart from taking longer to process, this lengthy journey actually leads to more nutritional waste.

In response to this, Soul Strips has come up with an effective, hyper-convenient solution in the form of its oral nutritional strips. Each Soul Strip supplement comes in a convenient “micro-but-mighty” oral strip. These are loaded with high-quality nutrients. 100% of the active ingredients are natural and plant-based, and each strip is sugar and preservative-free.

What makes Soul Strips so unique, however, is the brand’s use of innovative nanotechnology to increase nutritional uptake from buccal mucosa. “The mouth has the ability to revolutionize preventative medicine as we know it,” explains Soul Strips co-founder Avinash Madhavan. “Supplements and health and wellness, in general, shouldn’t be complicated or tiresome. They should be quick and effective. We use a special micro-encapsulation nanotechnology to lace each edible film with a precise, high-quality dose of nutrients. These are small enough to be absorbed by the mouth directly into the bloodstream. All you need to do is keep the strip in your mouth for sixty seconds. That’s it!”

Soul Strips’ instantly-dissolving oral strips are challenging the status quo of ongoing wellness. Madhavan and the Soul Strips team are utilizing their breakthrough technology to make nutrition hyperconvenient (the strips are easily portable and don’t require water), making consistent nutritional uptake easier to access anywhere. This improves preventative health and enables Soul Strips customers to avoid big health problems in the future.

“Supplements are just one part of a healthy lifestyle,” says Madhavan. “We’re just making sure that everyone can consistently access this essential form of nutritional support, no matter how fast, busy, or scattered their lifestyle may be.”

About Soul Strips
Soul Strips operates out of Mumbai, India and was launched in 2020 by serial entrepreneurs Sharath Madhavan and Avinash Madhavan. The co-partners created the brand out of a vision to use cutting-edge nanotechnology to create hyperconvenient, uniquely bioavailable supplements for men, women, and children. Soul Strips products are sugar-free, preservative-free, and plant-based. They are a holistic health solution designed around preserving health and enhancing quality of life. Learn more at

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