The Nutraceutical Brand Emphasizing Tangible Results for Real-World Problems

Oomph Body Prioritizes Efficacy, Innovation, and Synergy in Every Food-Supplement Formula It Creates

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The nutraceutical market is massive. It was valued at nearly $400 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach nearly $650 billion by 2030. Much of this growth is pushed by informed consumers looking for safe, natural ways to enhance their health using food-based supplements.

While the motivation and focus on nutraceutical health is overall a good thing, those same consumers often find it challenging to find the supplements they need. They struggle to discover brands they can trust to create targeted supplement solutions that produce effective results for their specific problems.

Oomph Body is a brand that is committed to product innovation in the name of targeting, adapting to, and meeting consumer health needs. To put it another way, Oomph Body makes nutraceutical supplements that actually work.

“Our products are designed for real wellness needs,” explains company co-founder, CEO, and ex-race car driver Scott Sharp, “We don’t put something into a bottle just because it has some health benefits. We start with a health or wellness problem people face and then work backward. What natural solutions are there for fatigue, immunity, or low libido? How can we create a clean, effective supplement to address that?”

“Each of our products is focused on a symptom, a desired outcome, or an ailment,” adds Sharp’s co-founder and Oomph Body President Dan Austin. “We formulate everything very specifically, not based on what we think you want but with what you’re trying to achieve.”

Austin adds that, along with matching benefits with real-world symptoms, part of the Oomph Body process is creatively combining ingredients to create even better results. “Health and wellness isn’t one dimensional,” he declares. “We are always striving for synergy with our formulas.”

The brand’s Sea Power – Irish Sea Moss Supplement is a perfect example of this concept in action. The product’s primary ingredient, Irish sea moss, is an effective immunity booster that, among other things, supports thyroid health, regulates blood sugar, and improves blood circulation. It is a powerful health tool all on its own.

However, Scott, Austin, and the rest of the Oomph Body R&D team went beyond the benefits of Irish sea moss by adding an antioxidant blend to the formula to support health on a cellular level. They also added a probiotic complex (1.2 billion CFU per dose) that reinforces Irish sea moss’s positive impact on gut health. Together, this trifecta of Irish sea moss, antioxidants, and probiotics has a potent, synergistic impact on health that effectively boosts a person’s immunity.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to focus, get in shape, fall asleep, boost your sex drive, or anything else,” concludes Sharp. “Our goal is to meet our customers’ needs with safe, American-made, bio-available supplements that provide targeted support. They don’t just help everyone’s health. They optimize yours.”

About Oomph Body

Oomph Body is a nutraceutical developer and manufacturer that is owned by professional race car driver Scott Sharp and tech and wellness industries alumni Dan Austin. Together, the dynamic duo is blazing a new trail for nutraceuticals by developing groundbreaking formulas that combine innovative, synergistic ingredient blends to create effective results in those looking to care for their minds and bodies. All Oomph Body products are formulated and manufactured in the U.S. Learn more at

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