The One Time Being Just A Number Is A Good Thing

PHOENIX, Feb. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — It’s four in the afternoon and psychic Christopher LaPrath ( fires up his computer and launches a zoom meeting to read his first client of the day. He knows nothing about this person except for the number he has been given. When the meeting begins, he confirms the client’s randomly selected number and it is not until then that the client gives him their name and birth date. Like scores of online psychics, LaPrath helps clients to connect with dead loved ones, decide on life choices and confirm whether or not love is on the way. What makes him unique from the rest are this method and his unique backstory. All readings are booked anonymously by an outside agency. The random number is the only information shared with LaPrath. It establishes immediate trust with the client that no data mining has occurred in advance, and that this is truly an ‘other worldly’ experience. The results, his clients testify, are often extraordinary. From everyday people, celebrities, corporate executives and even dignitaries, they come from all over the world. 

LaPrath’s back story is as unique as his approach. A highly degreed academic, a published author and the survivor of an abusive childhood, exacerbated by growing up in a haunted house in rural Idaho. During the day LaPrath is a university doctoral advisor, with a Master’s Degree in Human Dynamics from Western International University, and a Psychology degree from Axia University. He has lectured all over the world, to groups as large as 30,000. LaParath speaks Mandarin Chinese, having lived for several years in the Republic of China.

His book, TRESTLE CREEK: THINGS THE DEAD FEAR won the Hollywood Book Festival award for best non-fiction. It is a true story of a family terrorized by a possessed father; a mother who must awaken from denial to save her family, a house haunted with good and evil forces, and a boy who can see beyond’ which includes the dead. The book is in the process of becoming a wide-release motion picture. The experience revealed the gift that LaPrath has to see the unseen.

Since then, LaPrath has been assisting others on their own journeys, having read for more than a thousand individuals in his lifetime.

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Ashlee Singleton