The Phenomenon of Sudden Change of Some Women's Feet

NEW MILFORD, N.J., Feb. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Triplpoint has observed that over 70 different women have seen a spread in the width of their feet since the inception of Covid 19. 

Being in the women’s footwear business for over 25 years, we have seen this change in some women’s feet before but never to this extent. Due to Covid 19, women went from wearing properly made shoes to deconstructed footwear like flip flops, jellys, or barefoot. No one was really leaving their house, so there was no need to wear fashionable shoes. The increase in not wearing supportive shoes is possibly one of the issues that hardly anyone talks about. Once the width of the foot changes it does not return to its original state, specifically in women that have a narrow foot. While the heel never changes the front of the foot expands as a result of no support. Needless to say, Covid 19 has had another negative effect that has had an impact on some women.

"Fortunately, fate would have it that the shoe style of the SUGARHILL CHERYL shoe is a Last which was influenced by my wife’s’ narrow feet and crafted with the help of our artisan Italian manufacturer," says Domenico Sgambellone of Triplpoint. "My wife has what the industry calls a combination last which means her foot is measuring a narrow heel while the front of the foot is measuring medium width. Our partners in Italy crafted our best selling shoe {SUGARHILL} 2 years ago before the world had shut down and found that it fits women with narrow feet PROPERLY."

Working in the footwear industry, so many women have complained about the fit, the tightness, the looseness, the height of the heel and so many more complaints. Thus, Triploint was created to be more of a customer inspired brand taking their feedback, straight to design process.

Our approach is on creating style with the functionality and wearability that lasts all day and our partners in Italy stand with us in this philosophy. Our team in Italy consists of two sisters and their family members coming from a long history of shoe manufacturing excellence. Our shoes are designed according to the best Marche artisan tradition. As we progress through this pandemic, we have not lost our footing. Our belief is that women don’t want to deal with improper footwear which will lead to foot, back, or knee pain. Footwear is the only item of clothing that can harm the body and cause long term physical pain and discomfort if not worn correctly.

Domenico Sgambellone President
Triplpoint 40°-73°

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