The Tayion Collection Expands Stylish Suiting to Macy's and Men's Wearhouse Stores Nationwide for Fall 2021

DETROIT, Aug. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Since 2004, Montee Tayion Holland has done away with the drab, while sidelining the mono-color dark gray and navy-blue drudgery of formalwear and business attire.

Having launched his Tayion Collection earlier this year into 50 Macys locations and 25 Mens Wearhouse doors, which is set to double to 50 Mens Wearhouse stores in spring 2022, his creative and innovative designs are now hitting all the major markets.

The Tayion line of high-end, iconic mens suits, formalwear and separates bring bold colors and striking patterns into the modern day dressing, whether on the job or after hours. The creative dexterity in the designs and materials strike a purposeful, wearable statement to every event in any environment. Hollands flagship collection has been available across America in thousands of specialty stores since 2004, generating millions of dollars annually.

"The reaction to my Tayion line has been phenomenal," Holland said. "When I originally decided to launch my own brand over 20 years ago, I created pieces that filled a fashion void in the marketplace and those custom pieces resonated with individuals who wanted to stand out.  When the product hit the specialty stores, the reception was nothing short of electric, so this move into Macys and Mens Wearhouse is the next logical step in the evolution of the brand and weve proven there is definitely a market for it."

The wheels were set in motion in 2003 when Holland attended the Las Vegas Magic Show, the largest apparel trade show in the nation. He had the smallest booth available, a ten-by-ten-foot square with a build-out of 12 pieces out of his very own closet. With a few helpers handing out a homemade flyer, he became quickly inundated with store buyers from across the nation committing to orders.

"The Magic Show is where all the moving parts of the apparel industry meet in the same place at the same time," Holland said. "Manufacturers are there, designers, celebrities launching their lines, as well as suppliers. Anyone with a hand in the industry has a presence there."

Hollands current distribution is growing as well. Less than a year after launching in Mens Wearhouse, he doubled the number of stores to 50. Similarly, the Tayion Collection will be available as a custom suit program in all 630 Mens Wearhouse locations. Plans are also in the works to expand clothing options to include shirts and ties.

"The custom suit program will begin in Spring of 2022," stated Holland. "Its very exciting to be operating on this level of volume and distribution, as its entirely new for me. It takes me back to the beginning where I served in the United States Marine Corps and traveled the world designing custom pieces for myself.  After completing my graduate degree in education, I taught high school History. Then I went out on a limb, moved out of my comfort zone and launched Tayion."

Hollands mantra revolves around his comfort zone.

"There is no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone," he said. "I try to find ways to push myself outside of my comfort zone every day so that I can grow every day. I want to adapt, adjust and overcome obstacles."

Setting modest goals for 2022, Holland plans to hit sales of $8 million for the Tayion Collection and $5 million for the T-Fusion line. T-Fusion will receive a new look through a relaunch coming this spring.

"From the trends Ive seen, retailers are looking for more diverse brands, both in terms of designs and fabrics," Holland said. "Ive been across the world as a Marine, as a top sales representative for Pfizer selling that ubiquitous little blue pill, and as a designer looking for my next inspiration. Tayion is an extension of my life experiences and is on the road to becoming a global brand, well continue bringing it into more markets."

T-Fusion, created in 2006, boasts a price point starting at $250$300 and has been sold in more than 2,500 specialty stores nationwide, including K&G stores. The relaunch will serve as a marketing push and advertising campaign focused on the lines fresh and innovative designs created with the fashion-conscious consumer in mind.

"In todays environment, there is definitely a need for a diverse perspective," Holland said. "The Tayion Collection brings that voice and perspective to the conscious consumer looking to align their dollars to their fashion aspirations as well as their core values."

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