Think You Have an Issue with Gluten? Intoleran Says Think Twice

Gluten Intolerance Is Fairly Common, But Often the Condition Is a Misdiagnosis of a Much Easier to Treat Fructan Intolerance

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Gluten intolerances are a genuine concern for many individuals. Cleveland Clinic reports that approximately 6% of Americans alone are probably gluten intolerant, although technically, as little as 1% of the U.S. population has the much more serious celiac disease (a negative response to gluten from the immune system).

Despite the potential for gluten intolerance, many modern consumers are quick to self-diagnose themselves with the condition. The team at Intoleran is challenging those who think they have a gluten intolerance to think twice before steering into the challenges and costs of a gluten-free lifestyle.

“It’s easy to get confused with the difference between a reaction to gluten and a similar experience with fructans,” explains Intoleran owner Harmen Treep, “It’s hard to tell the difference. You eat a bowl of cereal or a slice of bread and feel awful afterward, and it’s tempting to think the culprit is gluten. But it could just be a fructan intolerance.”

Many foods contain both gluten and high levels of fructans, which are potentially troublesome sugary molecules. When that is the case, cutting out gluten can give the appearance of solving the problem since it eliminates a large source of fructans at the same time.

If serious gluten sensitivity is present (such as celiac disease), it is dangerous, as the body reacts to the presence of gluten as an intruder and attacks its own cells with antibodies as a response. However, if fructans are the source of digestive woes, immune system response isn’t a concern. Instead, the digestive system simply struggles to ferment these long-chain carbohydrates, leading to uncomfortable (and at times painful) side effects.

“When a fructan intolerance is the issue,” says Treep, “You can adjust your diet to avoid excessive fructan intake at any one given moment.” The owner adds that those with a fructan intolerance can also use a product like Intoleran’s fibractase forte, which provides a dose of the enzyme Alpha Galactosidase to help break down fructans in the digestive tract.

Treep urges those with questions about fructans and gluten to seek the help of a professional. “We have dieticians on staff to help our customers with self-diagnosis,” he explains, “If you’re dealing with severe or serious symptoms, you should always consult with your doctor, too. If a coeliac test comes back negative, though, chances are you have a fructan intolerance. If that’s the case, an enzyme supplement should be all you need to start enjoying your food again.”

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